Vegetable printing – Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Emmy love Minnie Mouse, she has been a constant favourite in our house forever and who doesn’t love Mickie and Minnie.

Emmy’ Godfather Steve has just returned from Florida with a Minne Mouse bag for her while her other Godparent Auntie Ruth has also just returned from her holiday to Florida with her family.  We have been speaking loads about Disney and explaining where her friends are, we then decided it would be nice to make some Disney themed cards.

How to make Mickey and Minnie, vegebale printing

We used:
Half a potato
A Carrot
Black paint
Eye stickers (you can use googly eyes or draw them on)
Mini pompoms

Firstly I cut a potato in half and cut the end off of the carrot.  Emmy then printed the head of Mickey and Minnie using the black paint and the potato, we used the carrot to make the ears and left to dry.

Next, I cut out the shapes and Emmy stuck 2 onto each card, eyes were then added and we glued a pompom on for the noses. 

Lastly, I tied a bow and we stuck it on to make Minnie.

Emmy had great fun, they look great and are really easy to make.

How to make Mickey & Minnie Mouse cards, vegetable printing

We made many of these cards for friends birthday’s (always handy to make cards in advance and store ready to use) adding different coloured pompom noses and funky eyes.

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