Harry’s Bedroom Makeover part 1 – Vento V10 racing car Bed from Babios UK

Vento V10 car bed

Last week I told you of our plans for Harry’s new bedroom makeover, well having kept him waiting for this new room for many years we decided to crack on as quickly as we could.

For this makeover I have teamed up with Babios UK as an Ambassador. The company is an online business based in North London selling designer children’s furniture, it is run by a lovely husband and wife duo and really is a family affair.

It’s a one-stop shop for everything you need to create beautiful and functional children’s bedrooms, with whole room set-ups beautifully laid out on the website you can really see how a finished room will look and the items don’t only look pretty/cool but many really do utilise the space wonderfully with a lot of thought having gone into making them as functional as possible – the best examples of this are the bunk beds – many have book shelves tucked away for both bunks or even a second bed hidden away under a desk to maximise the space even further.

For Harry’s room we opted to go for the Racing Car theme to the furniture and chose the Vento V10 racing car bed in Red (his walls will be Blue with one displaying a batman mural so thought the red would break up the colour in the room a bit).

Babios deliver the furniture for you to make up yourself OR they have the option available for you to pay to have it made up by a team of 2 in the room of your choice, for those of you short on time or who hate flat pack/don’t have the correct tools etc.

I took delivery of Harry’s bed on Friday and the team came to set it up in his room – it was a surprise, as although he knew it was coming he didn’t know when. With the team upstairs I was able to crack on with some work and housework downstairs just popping up to take a sneak peek on the progress, grab some pictures and take drinks up when needed.

It was unpacked downstairs, carried up to his room and after set up all the rubbish was taken away meaning I didn’t have the huge box sitting around here for 2 weeks until the recycling was collected again.

The instructions for the bed were really simple – printed onto 2 sheets of paper with diagram instructions to follow. It took only around 30/40 minutes at the most to put together but I would suggest if you are making it yourself to have 2 people do that job as holding the sides in place and screwing the front and back on really does require an extra pair of hands.

The base has wooden slates to hold the mattress in place, there is a little give to the slates but I really wouldn’t suggest jumping all over the bed (as goes for all wooden slatted beds), however we all know what kids are like hence the amount of give/bounce to the slates.

The inside frame of the bed is wooden then covered on the outside with an ABS glossy material which details the wheels and rims and the car bonnet.

There is a sliding red light in the middle of the front of the car and LED working headlights which can also be used as a night-light, there are also 4 different sound options which can be controlled along with the lights from a remote controller made to look like your very own car key. The car key is on a key-ring clip but I really would suggest finding somewhere safe to keep it, either with an adult or attached permanently within the bedroom as I have had to search for this a few times already over the weekend where Harry has gone to bed cuddling it.

The electronics and workings for this lights and are hidden away under the bonnet so little hands can’t access them and you plug the car in at the front and then into a socket on the wall – I have tucked the wire away down the side of the carpet but I will be tacking this onto the skirting board so it is out of the ways and can’t be tripped on.

The features on this car bed are really lovely and so much thought has been put into making it look as real as possible, without the price tag of a real racing car! It’s not every 5 year old who can say thy have a racing car in their bedroom I guess.

The detailing on the front and the sides of the car are stickers so a little care is needed not to slide down the front of the car to get out of bed, otherwise you could remove or rip the stickers.

There is even a spoiler at the back of the car.

Harry is completely over the moon with his new bed, and even Emmy has the green eyed-monster currently wishing she had one. I have to admit Paul is Jealous too and I have slept in it already with Harry, as has Emmy.

It takes a normal sized single mattress 90cm x 190cm but it actually feels a lot bigger once you are laying in the bed as it has the wings of the car acting as sides to the bed – this has meant both Harry and Emmy have been able to sleep in it as even if they wriggle around no-one will fall out of bed.

It really is more than just a bed though, it’s a whole new play space for Harry. It’s taken him to the movies and he has even packed a case, put it in the back of his car and driven us all to London for a family day out, he has even been a driving instructor and a taxi driver, and while it doesn’t have a working horn (that really is a good thing), it does play the Knight Rider tune and has a car locking sound which is perfect.

You’ll need a decent sized bedroom for this car as it is bigger than a single bed due to all the detailing, so not for the box room in your home unless you don’t plan on adding any other furniture – but to show the size Harry’s room is the 3rd smallest in our house, with Emmy’s being a little bigger and mine being the biggest, as you can see from the video he still has space for toys, a desk, a unit with toys in and a set of drawers with space on the floor still to play.

The quality of this product is amazing with lots of care and attention paid to all the little added detailing, a wonderful bed for any young car fan.

Next week I will bring you part 2 of Harry’s bedroom makeover with a closer look at his matching Study Desk.

Babios have very kindly set up a discount code for all my readers, using the code “Jollykid” checkout will give you 5% off ALL items on the website – www.babios.co.uk


Disclaimer: I am working with Babios as an Ambassador


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24 thoughts on “Harry’s Bedroom Makeover part 1 – Vento V10 racing car Bed from Babios UK

  1. That is such amazing car bed. and it seems that your son really loves it. I bet my niece would really love that car bed.

  2. Wow!! I love that awesome car bed. and that is such a great looking room for your son. I bet my son will really love this.

  3. What an awesome bed, especially for a five year-old! I would’ve a bed like that as a kid. I’m sure the rest of the makeover will be just as cool.

  4. This bed is so amazing! All little (and big) boys would just love this so much! If they make the batmobile version, you can be sure my husband would want this as a bed ^^

  5. His bedroom is looking awesome, I bet he is thrilled with it! That’s so sweet he’s gone to bed cuddling his car keys! I’ve seen beds like this before but never with such interactive features, so cool the headlights serve as a proper functioning night light!

  6. I love how realistic the bed looks and how it’s functional as well. The little key is adorable! Using the “headlights” as a night lamp is a great idea, the designers of the bed thought at everything when they built it.

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