Vento V10 Study Desk and Wall Mounted Desktop Module

I have already shared with you Harry’s amazing new Vento V10 racing car bed along with a video sharing all of its features, this is still very much loved by Harry and he spends all of his free time playing in his bedroom now.

To compliment the room and to give it a real grown up feel he also has the Vento V10 Study Desk along with a wall mounted desktop module. 

The desk is a full size adults desk so there will be no need to replace it in a years t come when he is in secondary school and has lots of homework to complete.

I have to admit I was rather glad I wasn’t putting this desk together myself – the family team from Babios UK had the pleasure of that job, as although I don’t mind flat pack and I am the one to always take on that challenge in this household, there were SO many pieces especially screws that it would have taken me quite longer than I have while the kids are in school and with them helping pieces would have undoubtedly gone missing and tempers frayed very quickly. Not to mention the fact I only have a screw driver and no drill so it wouldn’t have been quick or easy for me.

That said, the team weren’t at all fazed but did say it would take at least 90 minutes to get together due to the amount of sections and pieces to it.

I always take these guidelines with a pinch of salt thinking they can’t possibly take that long but it actually did – I hadn’t realised just how many added storage section this desk actually had until it was fully together.

It really is one of those with hidden extras all over the place.

With a very large desk area and high sides so you won’t be losing your books off of the side any time soon, so even when filled with study notes, pens, papers and even a laptop there is no way things will fall off of the sides.

There is even a narrow shelf section under the desk, the perfect side to store a wireless keyboard, mouse and even your phone/tablets and keep the desktop clear when you are finished working, of course you’d need to use the keyboard on the desk when typing but it’s perfect for storing away after use.

Under the desk are 3 drawers decorated with road sign handles to fit in with the car theme, these are small drawers but would be a perfect size for storing all your stationery, school books and other essentials into, Harry is finding them a perfect space to hide his tablet and earphones away from his sister, oh and the packet of biscuits I was searching hours for!

Then as an added extra on top of the drawers are 2 cubby holes for storing secrets away behind, Harry has hidden his money box away from Emmy who has taken to stealing his money from it (yes she was in big trouble for that one) and also hid his car key for his bed here meaning I spent days looking for it and it is now equipped with a kind my key whistle for when he does that again.

One thing to note is that we have added an office swivel chair with wheels but because the chair has arms and due to the second shelf under the desk we have to lower the chair to the lowest point to slide under the desk – of course that isn’t a problem at all but you may want to remember when buying a chair to go with this desk.

Above his fantastic new next is the wall mounted desktop module. This is a wall mounted shelf with an inbuilt storage locker. One side of the shelf has a ledge so can be used as a book shelf if you wish while the other side is open – we are actually still deciding whether to move this whole module over to another wall and to put his TV onto that end of the shelf.

The locker box is on hinges with a soft close feature, lift up by the handle (also decorated in a road sign design) to find a large space for storing personal belongings) – just what you put in here is up to you, sweets for those long study sessions, keys and wallet – the choice is yours.

Both the desk and the shelving unit are very study and long lasting items which will happily see Harry all through his school days and beyond into adulthood.

With the car theme they will last a very long time and if when he is older he does decide he isn’t into cars any more  the colours of the desk would work with new handles added to the drawers and locker or even a lick of paint would change the feel to suit whichever theme he wanted next.

The desk is also available to buy without the wall mounted module if you only had room for the desk in your home.

Both available from Babios UK and can be found in the Young section under Vento V10 Red.

I have also now added a few new units to store his toys, with all his train track fitting into 2 large drawers, paw patrol toys in another and still room for all his lego and cars too.

Now all that is left is to get the walls painted and to create his Batman mural for the feature wall.

Disclaimer: I am working alongside Babios UK as an ambassador


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