Vertbaudet Maternity Wear Review

Buying Maternity clothes is a chore for me, I don’t want to spend a lot of money on something I will wear for less than 9 months.  Yes your technically pregnant for 9 months however you don’t actually start to show straight away – well some people do, I however managed to get to almost 12 weeks before having a bump which wouldn’t fit into normal clothes anymore.

Which is why I like Vertbaudet Maternity clothes as they not only look nice but are affordable too.

Finally the summer has returned, we seem to have only had 2 weeks of it this year and I’ve been making the most of it by wearing my Maternity shorts, I never normally wear shorts as I’m not a fan of my legs (and you’ll see from the pictures the sun hardly ever meets my legs as they are so white) however being pregnant and this heat as not a great combination and to be honest – I’m suffering with it. That’s why most days, I opt for something less revealing. You can buy maternity jeans almost anywhere out there. They’re cozy, and perfect for wearing both inside the house and during outside activities

(Picture courtesy of Vertbaudet)
These shorts are an over the bump style which means you can turn the top section down and wear under the bump or as I prefer to do wear as shown in the picture over the bump.

They should be ordered in your normal pre-pregancy size so I am wearing a size 14 and they are a perfect fit.

The elasticated band helps to keep the shorts in place and make them ultra comfy to wear too and what I really like about them is the comfy waistband means you can wear your normal tops without worrying about your belly being on display (a problem I have been having as my bump grows daily).

At almost 30 weeks pregnant these are being lived in while it is so warm, they are linen and wash really well too.  I have also found that if I remove straight from the machine and hang up I’m not needing to iron them either – always a bonus for me!  They have two large front pockets and 2 smaller back ones too and I can easily put my keys and mobile into the front pockets.  They also also adjustable in length by turning up the bottoms and buttoning into place.  They are available in Navy or White for £29, however are on sale at the moment for £17.40.


(Worn with a non-maternity top and no belly on show – thankfully!)
 I have also been wearing a Maternity T-Shirt from Vertbaudet which comes in 3 colour choices – White, Grey or Dark Pink, I have the Grey and it works well with all outfits, washes really well and dried quickly too.
(picture courtesy of Vertbaudet)
The writing says “You make me happy” however on this colour choice it does make it hard to read and I’ve had people staring at my boobs trying to read it which I’m not a fan of but takes the attention away from them trying to touch my bump I guess.
I like the ruffles on the sleeves of this T-Shirt as it hides another of my problem areas.  The T-Shirt itself is nice and long so will last throughout pregnancy however is slightly on the big side for me as the size options are 6/8, 10/12, 14/16 or 18/20 so I have chosen then 14/16 as wasn’t sure the 10/12 would fit, on hindsight I am thinking it probably would have done.
You can buy this T-Shirt online for £19 however is currently in the sale for £9.50.
To view more Maternity wear from Vertbaudet please visit their website:

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