The very hungry Caterpillar

We have been reading this book lots this week and it has fast become a firm favourite with us all, and has been great as Emmy has started to try to count past 3!! She has been able to go to 3 for a while but wouldn’t go any further – now with thanks to her friend the Caterpillar we can get to 5.

With our love of all things arty and messy I decided to make a Hungry Caterpillar with Emmy.  I think we will make a few art projects involving the Very Hungry Caterpillar however this is the one we made this week:

You will need:
A old egg carton box (we used 2)
Pipe cleaners
Green Paint
Red Paint
Googly eyes
Painting apron (a must have item)
Paint brushes

I started by cutting off the bottom of the box (the individual egg holder bits) which we then painted green inside and out (leaving one aside).

The last one was painted red and then left to dry along with the others. One they had dried (over night) I treaded them together using ribbon, added ribbon as antenna using ribbon – although pipe cleaners would be best, added eyes and here we have our finished Hungry Caterpillar.  Emmy loves him.

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