Vision Direct’s Christmas Advert – Behind the scenes with Mr Gizmo

It’s that time of year when all the adverts can set you off weeping, I love it when the Christmas adverts begin to roll out and the funnier they are the better in my opinion – I cry at the drop of a hat at the best of times so I don’t need anything to set me off – give me cute cuddly and if you throw in a pet of too then you’ve instantly won me over.
In the Vision Direct advert you’ll find the most adorable Pug dog who wears glasses (instant winner for me – it’s cute and different!).  In the advert the poor Pug is rather accident prone and keeps breaking his glasses, his loving owner keeps mending them with plasters and tape but we all know that never ends well does it?  All before he finally receives contact lenses in time for Christmas – give it a few years and this could actually happen.

Almost as cute is the humorous behind the scenes video which has also been created by Vision Direct which shows an interview with the Pug (Mr Gizmo), a talking dog sharing his views on what it was like to film this advert, his adventures and fun with the film crew and he even shares his visit to Pet London to choose all the outfits he will wear in the advert, and of course as we all like to do just mess around in different costumes.  With bad jokes thrown in for good measure this is just adorable.



As a wearer of glasses myself this has struck a cord with me, I only started wearing them for concentrated vision while at college and then my eye sight improved once I moved away from the computers as being a Nanny there was no need to sit infront of the computer again.  Of course fast forward many years and a new career path of blogging which sees me infront of the screen for hours at a time and usually late at night and my eye sight got worse leading me to need glasses yet again – but having not worn them for so many years I struggle so badly with actually remembering to put them on and I lose them all the time.
I am at the stage that I do wonder sometimes if contacts would be better for me as then I’d have no excuse to put them down and forget to put them on again. 
You can find both videos on Vision Direct’s YouTube channel at or visit for more holiday competitions and fun.
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