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Even before I started blogging I would have to-do-lists doted all over the house, of course it’s not to say these were ever completed (I think it is very rare for me to finish a to-do-list), what I would actually do is complete a few tasks and them rewrite it – sadly this meant they just got longer instead of shorter.

There is something rather satisfying about having a list and crossing things off of it isn’t there? I’m sure it’s not just me who thinks so – but what does really annoy me is when I lose that list…as I do often and then I have to start over.

A while ago I was sent a rather funky and fun Journal which would save me from losing all of my lists – this was a WAFF Journal from www.rooi.com

WAFF Journal As you can see, this is no ordinary notebook, this is a book where you can be as creative as you like.

One which allows you to leave little messages for others or even reminders for yourself on the front.

This is a notebook which has a rubber cover which almost looks like Lego in design, these squares are the foundation for your letter blocks which come with this book.  There is a whole alphabet and more which comes with this as a set and with those blocks you add them onto your cover (front and/or back) to add your messages.

There are so many different colour options to choose from including: Black, Red, Orange, Blue, Pink, Purple and Green and these come in 2 different sizes: A5 and A6.

waff02It is so much fun adding messages to the from of this book at although I did start out with nice messages, ones which showed what was inside that book….I just couldn’t help but play around and have fun.

waff03And of course as I should have expected, this has now been stolen by Emmy so she can leave messages on it for me.

These can be anything from: Daddy smells, I don’t like you (when she hasn’t got her own way again), Can we have a movie night? I need pocket money….etc.

The list just goes on, it’s really sweet when I don’t realise she has been playing and I find a note after he has gone to bed…usually asking for a late night or ice cream!

These books cost £23.95 for the A6 size and £28.95 for the A5 and additional letter packs are available for £8.95.

You can find the full range over at www.rooi.com



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