WAHM and what it means in this household

I’m often told that I have the best of both world’s being a WAHM.
Well yes that is true but it’s not all plain sailing that’s for sure and it’s not as easy to get that perfect work/home life balance.
I’m often told it must be really lovely to do lunch with the other mum’s,  be able to do clubs with Harry and watch all Emmy’s school plays etc.
Well yes, except for the lunch bit. Infact I rarely have time to sit down and have lunch at all.
So before you think it’s all plain sailing let me talk you through a typical day for me:
6-7am – wake up with whichever child gets up first. No need for alarm clocks here.
Shower with the door open and one child hanging off an appendage.
Get dressed.
7.15am breakfast for kids
Coffee for me
7.30am reading with Emmy and making sure all school bags, water bottle etc are ready.
7.45am get kids dressed, find lost shoes, brush hairs and brush everyone’s teeth
8am make sure paul is awake and getting ready for work.
8.15am re claim shoes and coats which have been lost in the last 10 minutes
8.30-9.30 walk both children to school. Both start at 9am in different schools so there is a lot of rushing around. (Harry goes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings currently).  Walk home
9.30-10.15am tidy up breakfast bits, unload dishwasher, put washing on Hoover and make beds etc
10.15-10.45am check and answer emails and calls
Hang washing out and put yesterdays away
Draft a quick post or edit pictures, chase invoices and do the accounts
11.30-12.30pm collect Harry from school and give him lunch.
Play together and finish tidying, answering calls and emails as I go.
2.30-3.30pm collect Emmy from school
Homework, cook dinner, play with kids and tidy up
6.30-8pm bath, TV,  reading and bed time for kids
8.45pm – 11/12pm start work
So yes I would love to meet for coffee and do lunch but just when I’m fitting that into my day I’ve no idea.
But it works for me, I may always be shattered however I am always around for the kids and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
I have decided though that something does need to give.  I am at the point of not wanting to work every night and having a to-do-list which never seems to decrease as I’ve so little time to get anything done.  I am in the process of planning my time better so will be looking around at prices for a smaller notebook/ or personal computer which is easy to carry around with me.  The one I have is one I purchased when I started my Nanny Agency/Babysitting Agency a few years back – I needed something large, reliable and trustworthy – it was very expensive but was perfect for the job, now however I think a second is in order for the purpose of carrying around with me.
I’ve decided that once or twice a week I will late the laptop into the local Library and work there – it is closer to Harry’s school and with fewer distractions such as the housework I am hoping to be able to get more done during the daytime and free up some evenings again….although my evening studying for my Social Media Marketing Diploma has started  so there goes those free evenings for a few weeks but the light can be seen at the end of the tunnel.
I love being able to work from home and being there for the children and can’t see myself going out to work for a good few years, not that I want to!
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3 thoughts on “WAHM and what it means in this household

  1. Wow, I feel exhausted just reading your list! Well done for doing so much and keeping up with it all. I am a sahm and a blogger so try to fit in writing/social media around my day but in reality can only do it when toddler is napping. That is a great idea about going to the library, I agree sometimes there are too many distractions at home 🙂
    Our Seaside Baby

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