Walkers Mighty Lights

Walkers Mighty Lights

When the postman delivered this parcel Emmy shrieked…seriously that girl likes crisps!

I’m sure she gets this from her Dad who has a fondness for ready salted crisps and has been known to not eat his cheese sandwich which he has for lunch until he has gone to the shops for some.
These are the new Walkers Mighty Lights.  We had 3 different flavours to try:
  • Lighty Salted
  • Cheese and Onion
  • Roast Chicken
Before any of the packets were opened I could have predicted which would be popular and which we would have left and I was right.
All the Lighty Salted were devoured by Emmy and Daddy and then Emmy started on the Chicken,  I didn’t get a look in on the Ready Salted as I wasn’t allowed but I’m informed they were “yummy” by my chief tester. Chicken were “Chicken Mummy” really why I ask a 3.5 year old for opinions sometimes is beyond me so I will tell you that despite them being low in fat there really wasn’t any difference in taste to the original walkers.
Cheese and Onion…..well I’m sorry but I hate them! This isn’t just the Mighty Lights version it is all Cheese and Onion crisps, for the sake of fairness I tried them however just as I expected I don’t like them.
Oh well you can’t like everything can you?

Mighty Lights Lighty Salted
Standard Ready Salted
Energy – 114kcal
Energy – 132kcal
Protein – 2.1g
Protein – 1.5g
Carbohydrates – 15.2g
Carbohydrates – 12.9g
Fat – 4.7g
Fat – 8g
Saturates – 0.5g
Saturates – 0.7g
Fibre – 1.2g
Fibre – 1.1g
Salt – 0.66g
Salt – 0.35g


New Mighty Lights contain 30% less fat than the original Walkers crisps which makes them an ideal snack to add to children’s lunchboxes to help keep them full along with their sandwiches and fruit until dinner time.

The new crisps are ridged shaped and I was a little worried they may be hard to eat or even sharp especially as Emmy likes sharing everything with her 10 month old brother Harry but this wasn’t the case, in fact they kind of melted when eaten so were easier on small palettes than the originals so even Harry tried a few.  There are also quite a lot of crisps in one pack – definitely too many for a child to eat alone so 1 packet in this household were shared.

Depending on where you buy these from they are priced between £1 and £1.79 for a pack of 6 which is really good value. 

I’m in two minds as to whether to buy these for Emmy again as yes they contain 30% less fat however they have a higher salt content than the originals as you can see above – and to be honest Emmy is so skinny and rarely eats I think I would rather her have more fat than salt.

Of course sometimes no matter how old you are a crisp butty is all that is needed:


What is your flavour of choice when it comes to crisps?  May favourite all time flavour is Salt and Vinegar or Pickled onion flavour.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored review

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