Walkers Sunbites – Grab yourself a free bag

Anyone who know me well knows I will eat anything and everything so obviously I jumped at the chance to try these new Walkers Sunbites
They arrived in the morning so all in the name of Research of course I had to have a pack for breakfast, not normally something I would do (honestly) but as soon as I opened the pack I could see they were different to the original Walkers crisps.  These are square shaped and made from wholegrain, and I have to say absolutely yummy!!
They come in 5 different flavours:
Cheddar and Caramelised Onion
(Oven Roasted) Onion & Rosemary
(Sun Ripened) Sweet Chilli
Sour Cream and Cracked Black Pepper
(Lightly) Sea Salted
After trying all of them (research again, lol.) not all in one day I must say, although I probably could have done, my favourite has to be the Cheddar and Caramelised Onion flavour and Emmy’s favourite was the Sweet Chilli flavour (this did surprise me), infact she liked them so much that when I asked her if I could have another she responded with a firm “No Mumma” ran off with them and scoffed the lot.
Now with 30% less fat than regular crisps I really didn’t mind, infact they have 156 wholegrains packed into every bag, which is 1 third of the daily recommended amount of wholegrain – why would I mind. 
Sunbites are a wholegrain crispy snack with a delightful light and crunchy texture.  Delicious natural flavours are blended with 3 different types of wholegrain, which absolutely NO artificial coulours, flavours or preservatives being added.
Would you like to try a bag for yourselves?
Walkers are giving the first 25,000 visitors to the Sunbites Facebook Page the chance to download a coupon for a free bag.
If you would like to try these for new flavours for yourselves then head over to their Facebook page here and click ‘Grab a Free Bag’ on the lefthand side of the page and play the game to grab your voucher which can be printed off and redeemed at either Waitrose or Boots.
Walkers Sunbites are available in single packs  (28g) for RRP £0.50p or packs of 6 (6 * 25g ) for RRP £1.58

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