Wanting what you don’t have

There is something about wanting something you don’t have isn’t there?
I want a new car but that’s not going to happen anytime soon but that’s not what I’m talking about.
What I am talking about is when you are younger and your friends have something which you don’t and you can’t understand why.
Recently we attended an event with Specsavers who were showcasing their new range of children’s glasses.  They were lovely glasses to suit all from Disney Princesses to Marvel and Star Wars.  Emmy was obviously very taken with these and loved trying them on.

Infact ever since it is all she has spoken about especially as 2 of her School friends wear glasses.

This is a phase and it will pass, a phase I myself went through.

I too had glasses envy.  While in primary School a few of my friends had glasses and I really wanted them so much so that whenever I had an eye test I would pretend I couldn’t see the board probably and couldn’t read the letters – I know I was stupid and thankfully the Opticians must be used to this deceit as I only ended up with my first pair when in college at the age of 19 when I really didn’t want them anymore.

This wasn’t my only envy though, not content with lusting after glasses I added braces to my list as well you can imagine a few of my friends needed to wear them.  I’m not actually sure why I wanted them so much really as they are a necessity really for those who need them but not really pretty to look at, they can hurt and I remember the grimaces from friends after they had had them tightened.

I was obviously a weird child what can I say?  There is no denying it – I was odd.

Emmy hasn’t come across braces in school yet as they all still have their baby teeth (or are beginning to lose them), they are now far away from the braces I remember from my School days, with invisalign braces available and also coloured bars available braces can now be as individual as the wearer.  My best friends eldest for instance wears braces and he has chosen multi coloured tracks which he has had changed for different colours a few times.

By the time Emmy or any of her class mates get around to the age of needing them I can only imagine what will be available by then.

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