Warrior body painting

It has been so hot for the past few days that we have spent nearly all day every day in the garden.  This is great fun as Emmy has a huge amount of garden toys from a swing and slide to a trampoline and bouncy castle with many many more. 

Her favourite garden toys at the moment are her sand-pit which she spends hours in and her paddling pool, however after being in the garden for 3 days solid (fully sun creamed up of course) she was starting to get a little bored or the same toys. 

So Mummy decided it was time to do some painting, but not just any painting as we don’t as yet have an art easel and the paper would blow away, so I used the biggest canvas I could find – Emmy herself!!

I stripped her down to her nappy and re-creamed her up as it was still sunny then added Green, Red, Brown, Black & Yellow paints to her paint pots and mixed these with some washing-up liquid.  We then painted Emmy up using paint brushes and our hands and fingers to paint with.  We painted warrior striped over her body and added hand prints and patterns too.  Mostly Emmy did this herself as she thought it was very funny.

Emmy also painted both her Daddy and Myself and thought it was highly amusing that we were all allowed to be covered in paints.

Here is what we got up to (excuse the state of the garden it is a work in progress and contains the contents of our loft due to it being insulated at the moment) :

www.emmysmummy.comwww.emmysmummy.com warrior paintingwww.emmysmummy.com


Emmy loved every minute of it and keeps asking to do garden painting again – She is aware she can only do this in the garden.

Cleaning her up couldn’t have been easier, I added washing up liquid to her paddling pool which had warm water in it as had been warmed by the sun all day and gave her a cloth, she thought this was hysterical and kept saying “Emmy in the bath, Emmy clean now”.  It came off very easily as was already mixed with washing up liquid. (we used ready mixed paint)

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2 thoughts on “Warrior body painting

  1. We love body painting! Your posts make me smile bc it reminds me of how much fun my daughter gets from this activity.

    Thank you for sharing at the Outdoor Play Party! I hope you come back again tomorrow to share another idea.

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