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Recently while chatting with my sister in law about video baby monitors I received an email asking if we would like to try out the WatchBot video camera, the timing was perfect for reasons I will explain shortly.
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The WatchBot is a home video security device.  It’s a small camera which works through your home wifi and links up to your computer,  tablet or smart phone.
In the box: 1 watchbot IP camera (white or black), DC mains adaptor, Ethernet cable, wall mouting fixing kit and a user manual.
This little device is very easy to set up.  Plug it into the wifi and a mains plug, download the watchbot app and then link up your camera by scanning (or typing in the serial code) found on the camera.
Once you’ve done this and linked it to your device you can either leave it in this room or move to another room in the house.
It’s for this reason that these have become very popular with parents to you in the children’s room as video monitors.
We popped it into Harry’s room and although we’ve never had a video monitor before we quickly fell in love with the ease and wonder functions of this one.
You can move the monitor around using your smartphone or computer!  You can have this app running on your phone (or computer however for the rest of this post I’m going to keep saying phone as that’s what I use it on) all the time or running in the background.
It has a 2 way speaker so I could hear if Harry woke up and I could talk to him via my phone.
You can even take pictures of what  is happening or record video too.
Watchbot camera, night vision,, review
While the picture may not seem the best you need to remember they are taken from a tiny camera in Harry’s bedroom and captured on my phone – I think they are pretty good considering.
You are able to access the camera from anywhere and I mean anywhere! Paul is now able to watch Harry in his bedroom at home while he is on the train coming home from work or sitting at his desk at work in London!  There is a nightmode on this camera which automatically turns on when the room is dark and then returns to daylight mode when the lights are on or the blinds opened.
This monitor can also be used as a home security device,  perfect for when you are out of the house or away on holiday as you can set the settings to detect movement and when it does it will take a picture and email it straight to you!
I found the features easy to use and while the picture quality is better on a computer I found it easiest to use on my phone as that is always with me.  We can highly recommend this little device.
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Pictures taken from my phone via the Watchbot camera – Sleeping!
We have another use currently for this monitor. It’s left our house and is currently at my brothers house in my 14 year old nephews bedroom.
He has for the last few months been suffering from unexplained fits.   They seem to happen mainly when he is tired but mean he can have a few a day or go days/weeks without them.
He is currently undergoing hospital investigations and test to find out why and epilepsy has been mentioned.   The hospital need my brother and sister-in-law to record his next one so they can see what happens.  We are hoping with the aid of this camera we can do that and it is giving a little peace of mind to his parents when he is in his room.
The Watchbot comes with one camera however you can buy more and use them throughout your house if you wanted.
Special features include:
  • Mobile/PC/tablet compatibility
  • Motion sensor
  • Recording and Audio
  • Monitor up to 64 cameras
  • High quality picture and sound
  • Control the viewing angle from your device
  • Built in web server
  • Night vision
  • 12 month warranty
  • Money back guarantee

This camera costs £149.95 and is available from

Disclaimer:  We received this camera for the purpose of this review, all opinions and images are our own unless otherwise stated.

7 thoughts on “WatchBot security video/baby monitor #Review

  1. I'm a mother of 5-months old boy. Currently, I don't have any helping hands to help with my chores and etc. It is hard for me to get my chores done because my mind can't rest in peace when I'm away from my newborn. I'm currently looking for the best video baby monitor. Compared to watchbot, it seems that Levana and Infant Optics are the more common brand. Do you have any experience with any of these?

  2. This looks great, I would have loved something like this when my two were small. It must give you that extra peace of mind with the issues you are facing at the moment.

  3. I am also reviewing the WatchBot video camera but found it very alarming that there was no default password for external access to it and no prompting to set one up when you log into the web access to set up wifi either!

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