Watching Emmy’s confidence grow on holiday

We have just got back from a lovely weekend away in Walton-on-the-Naze staying in the Park Resorts holiday camp.

This isn’t somewhere we have been before, this site that is – we have been to Park Resorts before on two occasions: staying at Camber Sands for our first caravan holiday and then camping in Maldon with my Brother, Sister-in-Law and my Nephews.

On both of these occasions we have had a great time, seen the sites, explored and ventured to the arcades and even the club house in the evenings but we have never stayed in the evening entertainment area for very long.

I have mentioned before Emmy’s shyness and it is mainly this and the fact the children are still young which has stopped us from staying to see the shows.  Harry would like to join in but when the dance floor/club area is so busy it hinders him as he didn’t yet feel comfortable going up alone and Emmy point blank refused to even sit on the side-lines with me, clinging firmly to me.

This weekend we went away with my best friend and her 4 children, they are regulars to this holiday park and know their way around, know the routines and are also a little older than mine – 7, 9, 13 & 14 years old.  This meant they fully knew the ropes and were able to not only play with Emmy and Harry but help them to join in to.

They showed them where the playground was, and took over the role of running around after them for me – they pushed them on the swings and the roundabout, helped them climb and wore them out with races.

In the caravan they all played nicely together, whether it was playing games, drawing, making a fort or running around outside it with bats, balls or bubbles – they even made friends with a few other children staying nearby and Harry would happily declare “I’m off to play with my friends outside” and as a Mummy of young children this isn’t something I have allowed before as we live next to a busyish road.  They were only allowed around our caravan or the grass area behind but it allowed a little freedom for the children, well the boys – the girls weren’t interested at all.

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On the first evening we headed off to the club to see the children’s entertainment – Harry happily headed to the dance floor with his cousins (the children are so close they are referred to as cousins and my best friend the sister I never had!). They looked after him the whole time and he strutted his stuff learning the party dances.  Emmy was unsure and clung to my side the whole evening, not interested in joining in.

On the second evening Harry was up yet again doing his thing happily while Emmy watched from afar – too shy to want to join in but observing it all. I could tell she wanted to join in but she wouldn’t even if I tried to go with her.

By the Sunday however she was a different child.  There was an Easter Egg hunt and it may well have been the lure of chocolate but she was up at the front from the morning, listening to the instructions, she came back to sit with me when the dancing was going on then joined in again to get into her team.  The children had to listen to a clue, work out where the next was located and run off to find it – she stayed with me to start then asked to run with the older children, of course later getting up on stage to grab her prize.

That evening, well she was a completely different child – we entered the club and she was gone – front of stage (clutching her teddy for confidence) but she was dancing!! and not only that she was smiling, laughing and singing too!

My shy girl who doesn’t join in was having a whale of a time joining in happily.

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Please excuse the poor shots of the kids – I have taken these from the video footage of them dancing but can’t upload as they contain other children too.

It may take her a few days to come out of her shell, to work out what is going on around her but she gets there in the end.  With a combination of having good friends around to look out for her and letting her decide when she was ready to partake.

We had an amazing weekend.  It was so nice to spend quality time with very good friends and was the perfect way to kick off the Easter break.  I am certainly feeling far more relaxed with a break away from the laptop and phone (a combination of awful signal and having smashed my phone screen the day before we went away so not having 4g on a temporary phone was actually a blessing in disguise, even if an expensive one) and for being away with a good friend, no housework, good food and lots of booze. 
The great thing about a holiday where you leave the Men behind is that Women just get on with it – there was no asking for anything or expecting it – dinner was made, lunch and breakfast – it just happened naturally, no expecting one person to do all the meals as usually happens at home, and if there was washing up to do it was just done by whoever was in the kitchen at the time.

Of course when on a beach holiday there is an unwritten rule that YOU MUST visit the beach in ALL weathers!

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This was certainly a holiday we will be repeating again.

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