Water Babies – Baby swimming lessons, week 1

I started taking Emmy swimming from around the age of 8-9 weeks old.  We joke that at night-time she turns into a Mermaid as she is so at home in the water – our little water baby.

I had always intended to do the same with Harry however having 2 young children finding the time has been rather hard.

He has been swimming a few times and really enjoys it however it isn’t a regular thing and this is rather saddening as I feel he is missing out.

Luckily for us, our local Water Babies has swimming lessons on a Sunday afternoon meaning no more excuses, we are signed up and either myself or Paul WILL make sure he attends all term (10 weeks). 

Harry’s lesson is at the Marriott Hotel in Cheshunt, this is a lovely pool and the hotel is actually where I spent my Wedding night many years ago!

We received Harry’s welcome pack around a week before our 1st lesson.  Inside was all the information we needed before turning up, including where to go, what to wear and a brief guide to the classes.

What to wear:
Well for me that’s easy – swimming costume – I’ve only one which fits so that’s sorted!
For Harry – His outfit is a little more complex – He is required to wear a disposable swim nappy with a neoprene Splash About swim nappy on top and then a Splash About baby wet suit on top to ensure he doesn’t get cold.  I disposable swim nappies already and the neoprene one as I brought them for Butlins so all I needed was the wetsuit which can be brought direct from Water babies and send with your welcome pack (you can also buy online).

We arrived rather early today, keen and excited (just myself and Harry), last week should have been the 1st week however the pool was too cold so the lesson was cancelled.  We were given an introduction to the class, shown where to change and all set about getting ready. 

I’ve learnt some lessons from today which I will remember for next week:

  • Have my costume on already as it saves time (I actually already did this today)
  • Pop all my clothes into the locker
  • Take Harry’s car seat poolside (while he is still in the baby car seat it provides somewhere to seat him while I shower and change)
  • Get Harry changed both before and after the swim poolside as it’s easier than struggling in the changing room.

How cute does my little man look?

All set and ready to go!

Once in the water we introduced ourselves, there are 7 of us in total in my class.

We learnt the swim position using extended arms to swim our babies around the pool.

We bobbed, we sang, we introduced our babies to having water put over their faces and we also dunked them for the first time.

Harry splashed, he kicked, he giggled and smiled and I’m pleased to say he LOVED it, no tears, just a very happy boy!

Roll on week 2 as I think I’ve another water baby in the making.

You can find your local Water Babies class by looking at their website: www.waterbabies.co.uk
We are swimming with Water Babies Herts

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