Water Babies – Week 2

We have had a week’s break from our lessons as last week our teacher was poorly, if you remember Harry loved week 1 so I had high hopes for this week.

It started badly and continued along the same theme I’m afraid.

We left the house late so were in a major rush, then got stuck in traffic and then Harry fell asleep just as we arrived.

I had to wake him up to get him changed, this may have been fine if I was going into the pool with him – unfortunately I was a little delicate due to a night out the night before so Daddy was doing the honours this week.

I think my little boy is becoming a Mummy’s boy as he wasn’t overly happy about Daddy taking charge and for the first time ever in the pool he cried.

upset swimming lesson, crying baby

He didn’t continuously cry but it did make me sad to see as he loves the water – the moral is – Mummy does swimming lessons from now on!

This week we continued with the bobbing, singing and dunking under the water.

Underwater swimming was done by the parents this time, bringing them down to waist level and then swimming them back towards you, in for a cuddle then bobbing across the pool.  Harry didn’t mind this and did not cry.

Our lesson size has grown and there were 10 in our class meaning the waiting time was increased but Harry and Daddy took this time delay to chat to other parents in the class.

Harry also did his first star fish in the water during twinkle twinkle little star at the end.

Next week I will leave extra early so Harry can sleep before his lesson.

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