Water Babies – week 4 & 5

Week 4
This week I thought I would talk a little about why we go swimming, the benefits and how easy it is (the truth) with a baby.

Why do I take my children swimming?
I had swimming lessons which at school but was never a very strong swimmer and Paul can just about swim.

We decided that it would be beneficial to teach the children to swim from a very early age to help build there confidence in the water and teach them some very essential life skills.

Why do I believe it’s great to start them early?
Children have no fear!

It’s a fact that the younger the child the less likely they are to be scared.
It’s not often you see a 2/3 year old at the top of the slide refusing to come down again, they may even try to do it backwards – this is because they have no concept of fear.

It’s because of this I wanted to start the swimming process early so they wouldn’t be scared of the water.

Is it easy to take a baby swimming?
Honestly, that would depend of where you took them.

Where we go for our Water babies lessons they have tried to make it easy for parents however it isn’t really all that easy.

It’s in a Hotel swimming pool so we use the hotel facilities, this means no room for a buggy.  the women’s changing rooms have one baby changing table in them which is always in use.

Harry is too heavy to carry in his car seat now however unless I take the seat into the pool there is no where to put him down, except the floor.  I tend to change at home and then use the changing mats provided pool side to get Harry changed, then I whip my clothes off pool side.

Getting changed again after is a little more difficult as I wrap myself in a towel, get Harry changed pool side and then put him in his car seat and carry our bag of clothes and Harry in the seat out of the pool, across the corridor and into the changing room where I can get myself changed.

Luckily for us with our lessons being on a Sunday I can have Daddy helping so he can change Harry poolside while I get dressed.  Doing it alone is rather hard and it’s definitely a struggle.

Once Harry starts crawling I have no idea how achievable swimming will be in this location but we will see.

Does Harry enjoy swimming?
He loves it.  He gets so excited when he sees the water and squeals with delight, splashes and kicks about. 

Week 5

I was still recovering from BritMums at the weekend and the lack of sleep and hectic weekend had got to me so it was Daddy’s turn to take to the pool.

Harry loves to try to hold the hands of the children next to him when in the line against the wall for an underwater swim and he chats away to all the children.

He doesn’t cry and smiles the whole of the lesson.

This week they introduced the “Hold on” technique which teaches the babies to hold onto the side of the pool which repeating the words “Hold on” over and over again.  Through repetition it teaches the baby to do this on their one through time.

Harry loves his under water swims and we no longer bounce across the pool to help them recover we just keep swimming in zigzags across the pool.

Each week we are introduced a new move or technique and they are all loving it.

We have also made friends with some of the other parents/children from the class which is always an added bonus – they are all lovely.

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