WaterBaby – Cranberry Bloom Review

Having reviewed the WaterBaby Original drink a while ago I have been very kindly sent the new Cranberry Bloom flavour drink to try out.

Just to remind you incase you missed my first review – WaterBaby is a pregnancy care drink which contains the essential pregnancy vitamins every woman needs in a simple drink form.  This means no more remembering tablets or having to deal with swallowing them – this has been a huge problem for me as the sickness in this pregnancy lasted until 21/22 weeks – so really hasn’t been gone for long, and I was never sure if my Folic acid had stayed down.

WaterBaby has been a great way of staying hydrated during the horrid sickness that has plagued me during pregnancy this time around, and the Cranberry Bloom flavour is definitely my favourite of the two drinks.  I have had no problems drinking the entire bottle in just a few mouthfuls as it tastes really good, infact my only problem has been that I enjoy it that much I’m left wanting more than one bottle a day – which isn’t actually a problem at all.

It has a subtle yet refreshing taste and lets not forget that Cranberry is good for keeping water infections away or getting rid of them too and these are all too common in pregnancy so I am continuing with the Cranberry Bloom as I’ve enough on my plate with a toddler as well as being pregnant so that is hopefully one less thing to think about.

(Picture courtesy of Waterbaby)

This drink is suitable for preconception, during pregnancy and while breast feeding too, ensuring you get the RDA of Folic Acid and vitamins such as Zinc and Calcium.

WaterBaby also recently won a Gold Award from Loved by Parents!

For further information please visit http://www.mywaterbaby.com/ or follow on Facebook and Twitter.

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