WaterBaby – Pregnancy care drink review

This is another product which I discovered at the Baby Show earlier this year.  I had never heard of WaterBaby until I got chatting with them over at their stand at the Show and was given a bottle to try.

What is WaterBaby?
It is an everyday water drink for pregnant women which is fortified with the recommended daily intake of Folic Acid and a blend of Vitamins including Zinc and Calcium.

(Photo courtesy of WaterBaby)

I have been suffering really badly from Morning sickness – well actually all day sickness and have been put on anti-sickness tablets by the doctors.  Due to this I am struggling really badly to keep tablets down which in pregnancy is a worry as you do know you should be doing the best for your unborn baby so taking Folic Acid and Vitamins is essential. 

I haven’t been able to do this due to the sickness, well I have been taking them but nothing I take stays down for very long so I worry my baby isn’t getting the start it needs.

WaterBaby solves this problem as there are no tablets to take but you know your getting everything your baby and your body needs in one drink which can be drunk throughout the day in little sips. 

You may be thinking that as it is good for you it may taste horrid but thats not the case – it has a subtle Citrus taste and helps to keep you hydrated throughout the day.  I’m really enjoying these drinks and they are very refreshing straight from the fridge.

You can even start drinking WaterBaby before pregnancy as it is recommended you start taking Folic Acid pre-conception.  These bottles work out to £1.14 per bottle if buying a weeks supply or £1.04 a bottle if buying a months supply.

Why is it important to stay hydrated in pregnancy?
Regular fluid intake and staying hydrated have many benefits to a healthy pregnancy.  Water can help alleviate many common side effects of pregnancy, including constipation and hemorrhoids and help prepare the body for physiological changes.

You can buy WaterBaby online from http://www.mywaterbaby.com/ and you can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.

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