WD 4TB My Cloud Personal Cloud Storage NAS Drive Review

Maplin My Cloud 4TB storage

Have you every had that major panic when your phone or laptop has broken and your photos are completely lost?

Baby pictures, wedding photos etc. lost and gone forever.

It’s not a nice feeling at all, I have had it once when my laptop broke and all my pictures were backed up there only, removed from my phone and saved on my laptop.

As  mum I take a LOT of pictures, as a blogger I add even more to that collection and losing these would make life sad and rather difficult, for this reason all pictures I take are backed up to a business Dropbox account which I can access from anywhere but that isn’t the same for all my invoices and accounting details which are a necessary part of my job, these are on my laptop which I can only access from there – of course this isn’t ideal should it break or I need to look at something remotely.

That has now changed and I am so pleased of this change. I was recently sent a WD 4TB My Cloud Personal Cloud Storage NAS Drive from Maplin to review and it has actually made life so much easier for me and given me the peace of mind I needed, especially with the viruses sweeping around I really didn’t want to lose all of my documentation needed for my tax return etc.

The WD 4TB My Cloud is a storage drive which you can use to back up your laptop, computer, tablet and smart phone devices, it uses My Cloud to keep your documents, videos and photos safe meaning that once stored/backed up to the drive you can access your My Cloud account to remotely access these files from anywhere. I have used my smartphone to send an invoice recently, something I’d not been able to do before as they are saved to my laptop usually.

With 4TB storage capacity this gives you enough space for up to 1.28 million digital pictures, 66400 hours of digital music or 1,000 two hour DVD films! I certainly can’t see me running out of space any time soon – BUT should I then I can plug in an external USB drive into the back of the drive to increase the storage space immediately.

Setting this up was very easy, just plug it into the Wi-Fi box, create a My Cloud account and then your devices will find the drive for you, from the app you can then create folders to save your data into with household members being able to share the account.

You can then automatically backup your Windows or Apple Mac computer or your smartphone/tablet, guard any files or backups made to the My Cloud from being unrecoverable by creating safe points and even stream files to a smart TV, speaker or any device which is DLNA and UPnP.

I’ve now been able to free up space on my laptop by removing the unwanted files and photos (I always like to keep them just incase but of course they do take up space once you’ve 1000’s of review photographs alone)

Using the My Cloud app you are able to choose who has access to your folders, so you could restrict family members or share with others should you wish.

It is very easy to set up and easy to navigate via the app too, I do find even though I have set hourly backups from my laptop that it doesn’t do it unless I manually press the back-up button but considering my laptop wasn’t backed up before it is certainly far better security and storage of my documents, files and photos than I previously had.

The box unit itself is not much bigger than our Wi-Fi router and sits nicely on the shelf next to it, the box comes in white but for the DIY enthusiasts out there you could always cover it in Fablon to fit in with your décor or hide behind pictures instead.

Made by Maplin and available from many good retails – RRP £154.99

Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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