We are home – Harry’s Birth Story

As you know Harry John was born on 19th October 2012, unlike my labour with Emmy we knew exactly when he was to arrive – 3 days before his due date of 22nd October.

Having an elective section was a rather bizarre experience as you could actually pre-plan nearly everything.  Emmy went to Nanny & Grandad’s house the night before as I needed to go into the hospital for a Clexane injection and to get given some tablets which neutralise the acid in your stomach, one tablet was given at 7.30pm and I took the other at 6am the next morning.

Paul and I left the house at 7am on Friday to arrive at the hospital at 7.30am.  We went on through to the Same Day Admissions ward and waited with the other 2 ladies who were having a c-section on the same day.  After about 30-40 minutes we were all prepped ready – gowned up with the sexiest of surgical stockings, had our Blood Pressure checked, the position of baby was checked and we went through the forms and chatted with the anaesthetist.  We then all had to wait in a small room and see who was called first. 2 of us had had emergency sections previously so we knew it was to be us who went first, which did made me feel sorry for the other lady as she had a long wait ahead of her.  I was second on the list and was called to go to theatre at 9.35am.

Walking yourself down to theatre is a very strange experience indeed, I was laughing and joking with the team knowing that when I came out of the room I would be carrying Harry on a bed with me.  Paul was taken off to be gowned and scrubbed while I was prepped with my antibiotic drip, hooked up to monitors and had my epidural done – I have to say I was a little nervous but also excited. The epidural didn’t worry me, now I’m not sure if this is because I had one last time or because I found it easy to keep still as I knew what to expect (plus last time I was having contractions and being told to stay completely still – not easy)


weighing a newborn, scale picture of a newborn boy, baby Harry, www.emmysmummy.com
7lbs 9oz, 57cm long


It was all very calm and relaxed and we were all laughing and joking throughout the whole operation.  I asked for the screen to be lowered when Harry was actually delivered and I saw him being flopped out onto my tummy.  That was amazing and very surreal.
Harry was born at 10.49am weighing just 7lbs 9oz (his big sister was 8lbs 13oz although she was 11 days late).


Dad in theatre, daddy to be scrubbed for theatre, www.emmysmummy.com
very proud Daddy


mum being sewn up post c-section, c-section action shots, on the theatre table during a c-section, www.emmysmummy.com
Harry meets Mummy – on the operatating table while I’m
being sewn up








I was sick in recovery so was given anti-sickness drugs which worked well as I wasn’t sick again and 20-30 minutes later I was moved onto the ward.  It’s a strange feeling being a very proud mum being wheeled from theatre through the hospital to the Maternity ward.  Your first instincts are to hug your baby really tightly so no-one can see or touch him but at the same time wanting to proudly show him to everyone you pass (while also making sure your hospital gown stays done up and your last scrap of dignity remains intact!).  I loved all the ohhh and arrrhhh’s from the women and men who we past in the lifts and the corridors en-route.


Cuddles in bed with newborn baby, www.emmysmummy.com
Mummy cuddles
 In my bay of the hospital were 4 beds, opposite me was the lady who had her section before me and 2 ladies were just being discharged.  The 2 free beds never filled so I had a lovely quiet and peaceful 2 nights stay as Harry and the other boy were mostly quiet babies.
As far as the experience itself goes I couldn’t fault it at all.  There were a few midwives who thought they knew best and annoyed the hell out of me, but I think I will save those tales for another day as I don’t want to ruin my happy experience.
Paul brought Emmy up to the hospital on Friday and Saturday and we let her stay as long as she wanted to or behaviour allowed.  It’s safe to say she is smitten with her little brother.
Harry and I came home around lunch time on the Sunday and he has fitted in amazingly to our now perfect and complete family unit.

I would like to thank Paul who has been absolutely amazing, running back and forth to the hospital while I was in and looking after both me and Emmy amazingly well since we got home.  Dad’s are often forgotten about after the birth – however he deserves special thanks for being wonderful!!

The most amazing sight



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20 thoughts on “We are home – Harry’s Birth Story

  1. glad to hear it all went well! I had a c-section too and have another planned for this next one in Feb. It is surreal but all over quite quick. Hope your recovery is going ok and congratulations again xxx

  2. Congratulations on the birth of your lovely little boy. Your story is incredibly similar to mine, elective caesarians are surreal and amazing! I hope you are healing well.

  3. Hey Clare x Hope youre all doing well … I know you will be xx Cant wait to get down and meet the new gorgeous member to the family x p.s Tell Paul that scrubs suit him haha x Much love Chelsea, Aunty Jo, Uncle Tony, Chris and Michael xx

  4. Congratulations. He is gorgeous and was a great weight. Loving the picture of the two of them, very sweet. Now go and relax and enjoy them. X

  5. Congratulations. He is gorgeous and was a great weight. Loving the picture of the two of them, very sweet. Now go and relax and enjoy them. X

  6. Awwww! Am so happy for you guys!! Being a family of 4 rocks!!! He is so cute & makes me broody!! My hubs says congrats too after I mentioned to him that you had popped!! x x

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