Weaning off the breast – bottles, trial and error!

Now Harry is 6.5 months old I’m at the stage of wanting to wean him off the breast and onto bottles, I had planned to have done this before the hen weekend however Harry had other ideas.

He does take a bottle now and we have cut back to 2 breast feeds a day however he doesn’t want to give those up very easily – its his comfort in the night time when he wakes up.

I’m hoping that when he finally sleeps through he may happily move onto bottles only, I’m not in a huge hurry to stop really only he is beginning to really hurt as he is teething and forgets what he is doing often and does a great dog impression often making feel like he is going to rip my nipples off, ouch!

Now finding a bottle which Harry likes is a slight problem – he starts off drinking well from them then stops and refuses to take it.

Tommee Tippee heard of my bottle dilemma’s and sent me a selection to try out so we could try to find a perfect fit for Harry.

Trying to find the perfect bottle is almost as tricky as finding a formula he likes – we have tried 4 different ones of those! He did like SMA Anti-Reflux milk however I’m now struggling to get hold of this one locally so have moved back to SMA stage 1 with Gaviscon added to it.

I have discovered that Harry prefers different bottles at different times of day too, depending on how tired he is.

He likes the Easi Vent large bottle with a vari-flow teat during the day time, these bottles are designed to be just like mum’s nipples with easy latch-on shaped teats.

The slim-line decorated bottle when very sleepy as it is a slower flow and he likes the wide neck gripper bottle for his water at meal times – he likes trying to hold this himself, although does drop it often.

He hasn’t tried the 1st cup yet as Emmy seems to think this is hers and has stolen it.

He is a fussy little monkey as you can see, his sister was always happy with just the 1 type of bottle.  I am hoping his fussy nature doesn’t continue and am glad Ive stopped sterilising now too.

There are a huge range of bottles available so I knew eventually we would find something which worked for us although I was hoping to find one fit not to have to alternate and use a few at the same time!

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