Weaning with Munchkin UK – review

Harry has come to that all important stage – weaning.  It’s a mind field of what new tastes he likes, trial and error and then of course making up all his foods.

I’m not opposed to an occasional jar of baby food but I do prefer to make his food myself from scratch, this is the Nanny in me I think – I’ve always done it at work, I did it for Emmy and I haven’t thought twice about doing the same for Harry, it’s easy enough to do and I know exactly what he is eating.

Being prepared is the key when it comes to weaning and I have been very kindly sent a lovely bundle of weaning equipment from Munchkin UK which I have been using for a while now.

Set of 3 stay put suction bowls
These bowls are lovely bright unisex colours.  3 different sizes each with a secure lid which even when tipped upside down hasn’t leaked for us yet.  Each with a suction base these are great to attach to the highchair table or the kitchen table.

The small size is ideal for Harry and the large has been stolen by Emmy for her morning cereal.
They all feature handles making them ideal for little hands and even better they can be popped in the dishwasher too.

Mini Blender
I have tried this out on cooked carrots and cooked pear and although it does work well I found it only chops the food finely so we are unable to use this at the moment as Harry needs pureed foods, this may be better when he is on the lumpier foods in a few months time.

The size is perfect for preparing small portions, it is easy to clean and easy to use.  It does only have one speed setting though.

Set of 6 Soft tipped spoons
Again great colours which are unisex – handy as Emmy has taken to “borrowing” Harry’s spoons.

Long handled for reaching the bottoms of jars however I find these are good for keeping myself a safe distance from Harry’s mess.
The soft tips are good for small babies who tend to chew on the spoons, I have found these a little deep so Harry is unable to get all the food off of the spoon.
Also dishwasher safe.

Click lock super suction bowl
This is my favourite bowl as Emmy can’t work out getting the lid off – very handy for when I take food out with us in my bag, although slightly bulky for travelling with at 12oz, perfect for storing leftovers in the fridge – Emmy has stolen this bowl as it’s a great size for her.

The click lock system provides a leak proof seal preventing leakages.

This is also a suction bowl and Harry has tried and so far failed to remove it from his tray.  Also dishwasher safe.

Fresh food feeder
This is Harry’s favourite, he gets very excited when he sees this at meal times.

It is a mesh netting bag attached securely to a easy grip handle.

The idea is you open it up and fill with fresh foods so the baby can feed themselves.  Harry loves pear in his, we have also tried with Banana and Papaya so far.
The mesh means only the tiniest pieces are sucked through so they can enjoy the foods without choking – messy but fun.

8 oz click lock trainer cup
The handle on this make it easy to teach babies/young children to hold their own cups – Harry is unable to do this just yet but he will learn soon.

The click lock system is leak proof meaning I can pop this in my bag without it opening (and Emmy can’t open it either)
I like this type of spout as I am keen to move away from bottles as soon as possible (I threw all of Emmy’s away just after her 1st Birthday and I hope to do the same again.

Harry quickly worked out how to get his water out of this, although he does still fin it difficult and gets really frustrated with it.

Snack catcher pot
To make sure Emmy wasn’t left out she was sent a snack catcher pot.  This is a pot where you take off the lid to fill with your snack of choice – in Emmy’s case her favourite is dry cheerios, the lid is placed back on and the child can put their hand through the top crossed section to get their snacks, if dropped the snacks do not fall out and spill.

This is great for snacks in the car or snuggled in bed or on the sofa watching afternoon movies.

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Disclosure:  We were sent all of the above items for review purposes, all thoughts and opinions are my own unbiased ones.

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