Week from hell & only Wednesday morning

Tell me it’s not just happening to me?  If it can go  wrong then it will go wrong for me at the moment, and quite honestly with you i’m at breaking point now!

I just want to turn the clocks back – not just an hour like last weekend – a whole year, this year can’t end fast enough as far as i’m concerned. 

What with Paul being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia resulting in him having to give up work, my mother in law getting Breast Cancer and now going through Chemo, my Nanny Agency failing, my Dad having a botched operation resulting in him being too scared/worried to have the needed procedure again and a long list of other minor things which on top of everything else all mount up.

This week, although only Wednesday morning has been a week from hell and one I will honestly be glad to see the back off.

All I want to do is go back to bed, get under the covers and start a new week – not going to happen though.

It all started going wrong on the way home from the Baby Show on Sunday, I started feeling sick and by the time we arrived home it wasn’t long before I actually was, and of course sickness often means tummy bug too and this was no exception.  Emmy safely tucked up in bed my evening was spent sitting on the loo with my head in a bucket too.

I managed about an hours sleep that night, Emmy was up loads in the night too so inbetween bathroom trips I was dealing with a clearly unwell girl who wanted cuddles and trying hard not to breath my germs on her.  Paul was also struck with the same bug during the night and by morning Emmy too.  This is the first time all 3 of us have been struck down at exactly the same time, all with sickness and diarrhea struggling to look after ourselves let alone each other.

I was forced to take Monday off of work, there was no way I could leave the bathroom let alone the house, it turns out that the family I work for also were struck down all at the same time (so definately a rather nasty bug doing the rounds), and we all recovered – almost back to normal just weak and feeble.

Tuesday I go into work – a different job as I was doing an extra day for another family, taking Emmy with me. Disaster strikes again – this time i’m driving along with 3 kids in the car when the car starts over heating and stream pouring from the engine.  I manage to find somewhere safe to pull over and get the kids out of the car, pop the bonnet and let it cool down. 

I check all levels in the car once it had cooled enough to do so and there is no coolant (I topped it up the day before so this is never a good sign), I use the coolant I have left in the boot to top it up again and all seems well – Kids back in car and continue back to work – its only 10 minutes journey tops.  After giving the kids their tea I go to check on the car and the pink coolant I had put in had doubled (I know how much I put in) and gone from pink to a muddy black colour.  Even I know this is a very bad sign.

After a call to my mechanic, I then call Europe Assist who I have my breakdown cover with to be told my policy expired last week!! I know this – how do I know, because I renewed it last week!! The money has come out of my bank account, I have my new breakdown card and letter but it’s not showing on their screens!! Not happy.

I have to give them my card detail and brokers name and number so they can call in the morning to check i’m covered, they do come to recover me but will charge £80 if they find i’m not covered in the morning!  Well when I say they recovered me, I mean I actually had to phone back an hour and a half later as I couldn’t leave the kids alone at work and had to wait for the other Nanny (a friend of mine) to come and take over from me, then re-call them.

I got home eventually at 10.10pm last night, Emmy asleep after not enjoying her journey in the pick-up truck, my car left outside my garage looking very sorry for itself, and me in floods of tears.

I need my poor car for Saturday as we are driving to Cornwall for a much needed family holiday then onto Peppa Pig World.  (I’ve 5/6 reviews tied into this holiday too)

I’ve everything crossed that my lovely mechanic can work wonders for me (we are pretty sure its the head gasket)- although i’ve actually no idea how i’m going to pay for this just yet, but I know it won’t be ready in time for driving to Cornwall on Saturday.

One very annoyed and unhappy Emmys Mummy!!

Now anyone need a family car reviewing?

9 thoughts on “Week from hell & only Wednesday morning

  1. Gosh that really was a horrible week. It's amazing how many things can go wrong and I bet you still managed to keep it together. Hope you can look back on it now and be amazed at how you got through it.

    Thanks for linking up. Lots of tea and sympathy for you. Don't worry it's a fresh brew so it's not all cold.

  2. You poor things – I so hope things have improved from you since this post 🙂 Lots of tea and sympathy, and a nice big slice of chocolate cake from me…

  3. Thanks for your lovely comments.

    There's not much I can do under the bonnet but that is one of the things.

    Turns out we all have Novovirus, no wonder we have been so ill.

  4. Oh God what a bugger of a week! On the plus side, you know how to change coolant in your car, which I don't – I would have collapsed in tears way longer than you did. So you rock!
    Fibromyalgia is shit – I have it – so I'm sorry to hear that. I am pleased to say though, that it is manageable, and I now am way more active than I was when I was first diagnosed. I hope you get to grips with it soon. x

  5. Blimey you poor thing! That's one bad start to the week, a friend of mines just started chemo too, And Poor Paul too.
    Bloody hell missy at least you have all the bad luck for the next ten years out of the way 🙂 x
    Hope things perk up soon for you all x

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