Weekly meal planning

Each week I do a large food shop, put all the shopping away and then promptly forget what I have in the back of the fridge.

That’s now changing.  I refuse to throw food away because I’ve forgotten it’s there, it’s gone out of date or I changed my mind on what I wanted to eat.

So for the past 2 weeks I have organised myself better and my meal planning has worked.

I’ve just refilled my fridge and I’ve thrown NO food away!!

That’s amazing for me.

I’ve done it with the aid of Post-it Super Sticky Notes from 3M.

From this:

 To this:

The left row is the days of the week, the 2 top say Lunch and Dinner, then I’ve meal planned our week on Post-it Notes adding the expiry dates of the main ingredients of the meals (i.e the lamb joint, chicken for the pie, pizza etc)

By having these on the post-it notes I can switch around the meals if I don’t fancy something on a set day but still keep track of the expiry date and eat the food before it goes bad.

Disclaimer:  I was provided with the Post-it Super Sticky Notes and compensated for my time for writing this post.

As previously mentioned in my teachers gift ideas post – there will be a Taxi covered in Post-it Super Sticky Notes driven around London on Thursday 18th July.

If you happen to be in London do take a look – the post-it notes are covered in details which were filled in using the facebook app and 6 post-it’s will be plucked from the Taxi with the winners winning a holiday and 5 runners up winning £100 shopping vouchers.  Post-it’s are super sticky and they will have stayed attached to the Taxi all day!

You can enter this competition up until Midnight on 16th July – Good Luck


8.15AM-Harrods (SW1X 7XL)
8.15-8.25AM- Harrods (SW1X 7XL) to Marble Arch (W1H 7DL)
8.25-8.40AM Marble Arch (W1H 7DL) to Oxford Circus
8.40-8.50AM Oxford Circus to Piccadilly Circus
8.50-9.00AM Piccadilly Circus to Trafalgar Square
9.00-9.20AM Trafalgar Square to Buckingham Palace
9.20-9.30AM Buckingham Palace to Houses of Parliament
9.30-9.40AM Houses of Parliament to Big Ben
9.40-9.45AM Big Ben to Embankment
9.45-9.55AM Embankment to Covent Garden
12.00-2.00PM- Canary Wharf including stopping off at Unit 1330, Cabot Place, Canary Wharf, London E14 4QT.
3.00-3.05PM- London Bridge to Tower to Tower of London
3.05-3.15PM- Tower of London to The Gherkin
3.15-3.25PM- The Gherkin to Cannon Street
3.25-3.40PM- Cannon Street to Tate Modern
3.40-4.00PM- Tate Modern to St.Paul’s Cathedral.
4.00-4.30PM St.Paul’s Cathedral to Cromwell Road
4.30-4.45PM Cromwell Road to W12 7SL
I’m secretly hoping my name is plucked from the Taxi today as I would love a holiday, however shopping vouchers would be just as nice! 

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