Welcoming a new year – does it mean change?

Let’s face it though it’s actually just another day and nothing much as changed except for many nursing headaches on the 1st January and making resolutions which they may or may not see past the end of the month.

What does a new year mean to me?

Actually not much if I’m totally honest!

This week, next week and even the one after will be like the weeks last year.

Nothing will have dramatically changed just because the date has swung into a new year, although this is the year that Paul and I turn 40 so there will be a few treats planned and spread throughout the year.

I think that too many people put pressure on themselves to try to better themselves,  change things and set goals for the new year and therefore they often fail quickly, get despondent or fed up.

This year I’ve set no resolutions per se. There is no I MUST achieve this by a certain date.

In fact, I’m taking a more laid-back approach to everything as the stresses and pressures of the past year have taken their toll.  2018 wasn’t a hugely kind year with a few family deaths and lots of illnesses, and it did take its toll on my health, I admitted to needing a little help and was put on a high strength anti-depressant a few months ago and although I am feeling a little more on an even keel I will be continuing to spend some time looking after me more than I usually do. It is OK to admit to needing help at times and I finally realised that it is easier to do so than to struggle on and try to power through as I usually do.

This year will see me logging off more, not caring if an email is unanswered, it will still be there in the morning.  An out of office will be set for every weekend starting promptly at 5 pm on a Friday until 9 am on a Monday.  Emails will be answered on weekdays only as yes I do work from home and am self-employed BUT there needs to be some sort of home life cut off.

I’m hoping for less night shift working schedules,  I’m realistic I know they will still happen but I need to be able to function the next day for the kids, and living on caffeine isn’t the answer.

I need to keep on top of paperwork and spreadsheets this year, I know I say this every year but I usually only manage until April before it chaos again, and I want to get the lists of work schedules,  reviews, deadlines out of my head and onto paper or the computer so I can switch off more.  I tend to remember a looming deadline just as I’m trying to sleep.  I’m rubbish at lists and organising so won’t pretend it’s going to really happen but I can give it a go.

I will be making an effort to at least hit my 10,000 step count on my fitbit daily, I always smash this on weekdays but on some weekends we tend to have some lazier days and sitting on the sofa with the kids watching movies is nice but a trip to the park or a walk can be nicer and blow away some cobwebs.

Logging off of social media more has already started to happen for me, my entire life is lived online and sometimes it gets too much. I logged out of my personal Facebook account before the new year, removing Facebook and messenger from all of my devices at the same time – and do you know what? I’ve not logged in since last Saturday and I DO NOT miss it one bit! I will continue to stay logged out for quite some time as I don’t really need it – living some of my life in private is actually a good thing and I do have a VA for anything that needs to go on FB work wise so all is good.

We are planning lots of fun activities throughout the year, have 3 holidays booked in already and we can’t wait to see what fun and adventures 2019 have in store.

Here’s to 2019!

Whatever it brings I’m sure we will make it as fun as we can.

Have you set any resolutions this year?

11 thoughts on “Welcoming a new year – does it mean change?

  1. Good for you! I need to get better about not letting social media take over at times. I get lost in it because I am always so driven and all over the place, it’s the one thing that lets me space out.
    Also, I wanted to applaud you for not being afraid to take a chance with anti-depressants and talking about it. I am all about mental health being a top priority and if meds are needed, then gosh darn it- take the darn things! But, really I have been on meds for a very long time and without them, I am just not me and I realize that now.
    I hope that you find yourself happy and surrounded by love and good fortune in this new year : )


  2. I don’t make resolutions but I have made changes recently, less social media, more family time. Started sorting rooms out and listing on Ebay etc to make some money for items I do not use.

  3. A few of my resolutions include to become more independent, socialise more with friends & continue fitness at the gym.

  4. Just another year for me too – I set PERSONAL goals as I go along and manage to achieve them too – life is just what you make it – good luck with your plans

  5. I’m pleased I’m not to only one who just sees new year as another day, I annoy colleagues because I don’t see anything special in it, if you want to make changes in your life, do it when you’re ready, it doesn’t have to be a statement.

  6. I’ve done the same in that I’ve set some goals for income but no personal resolutions. Self care isn’t just about health and fitness goals, it’s about being kind to ourselves and sometimes just logging off or saying no for the sake of our own wellbeing. Have a fabulous year!

  7. No resolution here, just small goals! 2018 wasn’t much kind too. This year I’m hoping to focus more on my family and myself rather than anything else.
    Happy New Year!

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