Welcoming a new year – does it mean change?

So here we are 2015!
Let’s face it though it’s actually just another day and nothing much as changed except for many nursing headaches and making resolutions which they may or may not see past the end of January.
What does a new year mean to me?
Actually not much if I’m totally honest!
This week, next week and even the one after will be like the weeks last year. 
Nothing will have dramatically changed just because the date has swung into a new year.
I think there are too many people put pressure on themselves to try to better themselves,  change things and set goals for the new year and therefore they often fail quickly, get despondent or fed up.
This year I’ve set no resolutions per say. There is no I MUST achieve this by a certain date.
Infact I’m taking a more laid back approach to everything as the stresses and pressures of the past year have taken their toll.  I’m starting this year a little broken from the past year, and I don’t mean hungover.  I mean stressed.
This year will see me logging off more, not caring if an email is unanswered, it will still be there in the morning.  An out of office will be set for every weekend starting promptly at 5pm on a Friday until 9am on a Monday.  Emails will be answered on weekdays only as yes I do work from home and am self employed BUT there needs to be some sort of home life cut off.
I’m hoping for less night shift working schedules,  I’m realistic I know they will still happen but I need to be able to function the next day for the kids, and living on caffeine isn’t the answer.
Once my tax return is out of the way this month (dreaded thing). I need to keep on top of paper work and spreadsheets, and I want to get the lists of work schedules,  reviews, deadlines out of my head and onto paper or the computer so I can switch off more.  I tend to remember a looming deadline just as I’m trying to sleep.  I’m rubbish at lists and organising so won’t pretend it’s going to realistically happen but I can give it a go. 
I want to make more time to look after myself, I spend forever making sure my children are looked after, Paul,  the animals,  family and friends that I’m often at the bottom of the list.  That needs to change……starting with a nice long soak in the bath.
That was a massive failure,  my nice bath bomb I was saving for my new years long soak was a weapon of mass destruction – it had a necular core.  Glitter! Bloody glitter!
I’m not 15 anymore, I do not want glitter where the sun doesn’t shine, it isn’t a sexy look for a 35 year old to be covered head to toe in gold sparkle, and I can’t even blame Emmy as she was asleep. 
Note to self…..do NOT add bath bombs after you are sitting in the water, it is not big or clever! 
I’m going to make more of an effort to see friends too, I speak with them often,  mostly daily online but I mean OUT!  Yup outside of these 4 walls. I want to make it a monthly thing. I’ve already started making plans for dinner in January with +Liz Tumbridge  and in February with a small group of my wonderful friends.  I’m SO looking forward to Britmums weekend already (just the small matter of seeking a wonderful sponsor) and I’m sure I’ll have lots of other chances to see my lovely blogging friends at other events too and I definitely won’t be wearing glitter for any of these. 
We are already planning the next Skydive and I’ve Emmy’s 5th birthday to plan and organise for the beginning of February,  I’m currently unsure what to do for that but she does have a HUGE wish list already.
Here’s to 2015!
Whatever it brings I’m sure we will make it as fun as we can.

30 thoughts on “Welcoming a new year – does it mean change?

  1. Great post – I plan to focus on what is important to me this year & not worry about what others think. I'm using a planner & it has helped to de-stress me already!

  2. I'm much the same about resolutions telling myself I have to do something makes me instantly NOT want to do it lol so no resolutions for me, no grand ideas just hoping for a fairly quiet year filled with happiness.

    arrgghh for the tax return too!

  3. I've seen this picture on Instagram and couldn't stop laughing 😀 I instantly imagined myself turning up in the office covered in glitter 😀
    And for me New Year is just another year, I want to make it better than the last one but at the same time I don't put pressure on myself when it comes to resolutions.

  4. Good luck with your tax return. For once, I managed to get mine sorted in December but normally I'm with you at this time of year. And lol re your gold glitter bath bomb! I hate them for exactly this sort of reason.

  5. I am not a fan of bath bombs, unless they are the ones that we make. I think that the new year for me is a time for looking at what we want to be, not about change, but about being the best version of ourselves we can be. I want the boys to know that resolutions should not be cut and dry, but flexible like life!

  6. It sounds like you definitely need some more 'me' time and ignoring weekend emails sounds like a great idea. I find bath bombs are never a good idea, especially glittery ones 🙂 x

  7. I understand what you mean about it not actually being any different from last week, but I do think a new year is a great opportunity for a clean page whatever you want that to mean for yourself. I personally prefer new year to Christmas in some ways.

    1. Not looking forward to the tax return…..Why did I think it would be easier to do myself…I want my accountant back.

      See you there, if not before

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