What Broadband Speed Does Your Family Need?

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Do you know how much you pay each month for broadband? Seems silly to ask as most of us will be pretty good at keeping track of the monthly bills. But do you know the speed of your broadband and whether it’s in line with your contract?

Unfortunately, too many households are experiencing discrepancies between the broadband speeds they were promised (and are paying for) and the broadband speeds they actually get. If you’ve ever wondered why a download is taking forever or why streaming a show comes with multiple interruptions, then it may be that your broadband speed isn’t up to scratch.

It’s too easy to assume that you’re going to get exactly the speed you were promised and many providers expect consumers to do just that.

Before you rush to cancel your contract, you need to understand more about broadband speeds and your household’s requirements. For example, are you the kind of household where you watch a bit of streaming TV in the evenings and prefer to spend most weekends outdoors? Then you probably don’t need to spend on the fibre optic option that provides top speeds. But if you stream download, and game a lot then you will need a higher bandwidth capacity to do it all without interruption. Understanding all the broadband-associated numbers can be tough so Hoppy have created an easy animated video all about broadband speeds – give it a watch and see if your household is getting exactly what it needs.

The more you know about broadband speeds and your household’s needs, the better you’ll be able to tailor a contract to suit your entertainment and financial requirements. After all, we should only be paying for the services that are working well for us; never be afraid of shopping around for better deals – it’s a great way to ensure that you’re never overpaying!


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