What do CBeebies Alex, Mr Yipadee, Elsa & the Easter Bunny have in common?

With our Easter holidays already in full swing we headed off to a very special children’s event at one of our local playcentres Cheeky Monkey’s in Cheshunt.
I do love a local event for various reasons: obviously only being less than 15 minutes drive from my house is a massive bonus but it means also the kids aren’t too tired from travelling to enjoy themselves,  it does also mean as they are familiar with their surroundings they are more likely to join in and not be shy.

Mine are regulars at Cheeky Monkey’s and we even took Emmy there for her 1st and 2nd birthday days out.  It’s a small venue but one I’m happy to let the children go off and enjoy/explore alone as I can see every part of the soft play centre while I enjoy my cuppa.  With bigger centres the children tend to want me to squeeze through the tunnels and whizz down the slides with them but here they are comfortable enough to go and explore and play alone.
Today was very special we were not only going for a play but also to see Mr Yipadee,  CBeebies Alex and Elsa too.

(The answer to the above question is: A great day out for kids this Easter!)

I hadn’t told the kids so they were surprised to see the soft play blocked off when we arrived and everyone gathered around a makeshift dancefloor.
Mr Yipadee, incase you’ve not heard of him yet is a children’s muscian who is number 1 in the iTunes charts for children.   He sings all the well known children’s songs with a funny difference,  to get a better idea do check out his free app here.
His music is intended to promote positive thinking and self-confidence among children and he performs at children’s parties and play centres all over England.
After the show began the children warmed to him very quickly, and not just my children, all the children.  There were fits of giggles all round and lots of dancing.
Our party was a Princess and Pirates party….well it seems that Alex may not have got the memo on this one much to the children’s hysterical laughter…
Now I must admit it does actually suit him and I may be jealous he looks better in a dress than I do! 
Together they fully entertained the children with songs, Mr Yipadee kept having to be told off by Alex for getting the words of the songs wrong over and over again with the children in fits of giggles when they were singing ‘Frozen’ songs, “Let it blow” had Emmy almost doubled over and instead of “Do you wanna build a snowman” there was a rendition of “Do you wanna pick your nose”.
All was OK though as Elsa came in to take over.  All the little girls especially were amazing they were meeting Elsa and she was teaching them her very special dance moves.
A video posted by Clare Nicholas (@emmysmummy1) on Mar 31, 2015 at 5:46am PDT

With it being an Easter Tour there was of course a special appearance by the Easter Bunny who came with a basket full of chocolate – he instantly became Harry’s new best friend as you can imagine!

If you are able to catch one of these Easter Tours I can highly recommend it, it is not only great fun for the children but also for the parents as they can watch their children interact and join in due to the smaller venues, unlike big arena and stage tours.  Mr Yipadee, Alex and Elsa all stayed until every child had had photographs taken and signed autographs for everyone.

A huge thank you as we had a great time.

This tour will be visiting the following venues over the Easter period so do try to see if they are near to you.

30-Mar 10:00: Wolverhampton-Jungle Boogie
30-Mar 13:15: Worcester-Cheeky Monkeys
30-Mar 17:00: Northampton-Hullabaloo
31-Mar 10:00: Chelmsford-Mace Playce
31-Mar 13:00: Cheshunt-Cheeky Monkeys
31-Mar 16:30: Saffron Walden-Tumble Downs
04-Apr 11:00: Dumfries-Mabie Farm Park
04-Apr 13:00: Dumfries-Mabie Farm Park
04-Apr 16:00: Dumfries-Mabie Farm Park
06-Apr 11:00: Preston-Avenham Park
06-Apr 14:00: Preston-Avenham Park
07-Apr 10:00: Queensferry-Wizz Kidz
07-Apr 16:30: Chester-Funky Town
08-Apr 10:00: Warrington-Giddy Kidz
08-Apr 13:15: Wigan-Run & Jumo
08-Apr 16:30: Tarleton-Jollies Play Barn
09-Apr 10:00: Leigh-Toyfields
09-Apr 13:15: Chorley-Clown Around
09-Apr 16:30: St Helens-Playdays
10-Apr 10:00: Oldham-Tower Of Fun
10-Apr 13:15: Cheadle-Funtime Kids
10-Apr 16:30: Hyde-Slide & Seek

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