What do I have in common with the Duchess of Cambridge?

It’s not often you can actually claim to having something in common with royalty is it?

This will be a first and a last I’m sure for me, however it would appear we have the same choice in dresses.

Had I been organised for a change this review would have been up weeks ago however it does give me a perfect excuse to add this adorable picture of the royal couple and the gorgeous baby George:

William, Kate, baby George, seraphine maternity dress, review

I love this picture, it shows a happy young couple showing off their baby – ok yes we all know who they are and there will be many many more family pictures of them however this is such a natural shot – really lovely.

In this picture Kate is wearing a maternity dress from Seraphine which has capped sleeves and a knotted front detail.  While Kate chose the Fuchsia option I opted for the Navy colour.  I’ve actually had this dress for months and it is a style I chose as at the time I was still breast feeding Harry, the V necked detail meant I was able to feed easily, and while not secretly that’s never bothered me as I use a shawl to cover up when feeding.

This dress is very flattering and can definitely be worn after pregnancy even though it is actually a maternity dress.  The knotted front detail means it covers up the post baby belly and the capped sleeves help cover up problem areas.

This dress washes well and is extremely comfy to wear and while I definitely don’t look as glamorous as Kate in mine I still feel great in it and will continue to wear it even now I have finished feeding Harry.  It is a dress that can be worn for all occasions.

seraphine maternity dress, review

Now I just need a make-up artist, hairdresser, personal trainer or maybe just someone who can take a decent picture and I could look as good as Kate – I can dream!

This dress is from www.seraphine.com and costs £46

Disclaimer: I was sent this dress for review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

7 thoughts on “What do I have in common with the Duchess of Cambridge?

  1. Your version is a more wearable colour for anyone who's not a member of the royal family & has things to do other than cutting ribbons & shaking hands. Beautiful dress, and it shows you've got great taste!

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