What do Men & Women really think about Valentine’s Day?

With Valentine’s Day almost upon us (Quick it’s on Sunday if you have forgotten), the shops are filled with over priced Roses  (sorry now I do love Roses but why they need to triple in price for Valentine’s is beyond me!) chocolates, teddies and bottles of Champagne – you’ll even find lovely meal deals in the supermarkets if you didn’t want to join the masses in a restaurant.

But what is it that we actually think about some of these gifts we have received – those pushed out as great gifts in stores…..and better still what are the worst gifts you’ve received? My Voucher Code has done some research and found this out for you.

Take a look and see if any of these surprise you:

Emmy was lured in with the displays in Tesco a few weeks ago and wanted an oversized teddy – we said yes she could have it at £15 if she saved her pocket money, she did just that and adding some birthday money was overjoyed with this buy:

Great for a 6 year old but would you want it for Valentine’s?

What Do Men & Woman Really Think About Valentine’s Day – An infographic by the team at MyVoucherCode

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