What else do I do while working from home?

I spend nearly all of my time at home, obviously I do go out for the school runs, shopping and at the weekend but working from home means I spend the majority of my time here.

I love the freedom which working from home brings as I can take the children to school, attend their class assemblies and pick them up again.  It also means I am here when the school call if they are poorly or have an accident in the playground bumping their head, meaning I am able to walk up within 20 minutes and look after them.

I do sometimes find working from home lonely though, the lack of adult interaction can bore me to tears and I would love bit of office gossip however social media proves enough distraction for me so I probably shouldn’t be seeking any more if I’m honest.

What I do find myself doing while working at home is getting the household jobs done at the same time, while a video is uploading to YouTube I find I’ve enough time to load the washing machine, put the dry clothes away and empty the dishwasher.

I can run the hoover around at great speed while my photos are uploading to my posts and I can whizz the bleach around the bathroom while the kettle boils and my lunch cooks – of course I’m not always as organised but I do prefer working when the room around me is a little tidier

I’ve been known to paint my nails while answering my emails and to work while waiting for the hair dye to take, I can online shop while I wait for that PR to respond to my email or while I am chatting with them on the phone.  I am rather good at both procrastination and multi-tasking. I also find working from home allows me the freedom to actually leave the house and take my laptop with me, I find this is perfect if I attend one of the children’s assemblies as I can then pop into town and sit having my lunch in the café or library and still work, it’s wonderful to be able to experience the freedom to work from anywhere with a Cloud PC and Sharepoint Cloud Services, this means on the times I have borrowed Paul’s laptop or even use the library computer all the files I need to access are ready for me when I need them.

I have friends often ask what it is I do all day as many just don’t understand blogging, they don’t see the behinds the scenes work which needs doing and I haven’t added a post that day they assume I have had a day off. They don’t see the photo editing which needs doing, the videos which need making and editing, the social media side of this job, all the brand emails I receive and them have to reply to, I work with Brands, PR’s and many companies offering SEO services as well as social media management for various companies. Product reviews aren’t just free items arriving at my door, they need playing with, evaluating, photographing, writing about, editing the photos, adding keywords, alt tags and meta data to the posts so they are picked up in web searches and of course promoting these posts.

There are missed parcels to collect, broken links to fix, social media posts to reply to and hashtags to use for gaining exposure to my blog. There are millions of blogs out there and I am just one fish in the big ocean so have to continuously keep promoting my blog for others to see it. There are guidelines and laws to adhere to and so much which isn’t seen from the outside.

Some actually think this is an easy option for work and that they will make money straight away – of course it’s just not so and when I explain all of the above they soon change their minds.

As I have no office at home 99% of the time I work from the comfort of my sofa, I do have a desk but it is always cluttered with Paul’s things so I just can’t be bothered to clear this to work and lets face it the sofa is far comfier.  I purchased our sofa’s around 10-11 years ago now after making do with bargain ones we found in the local paper which cost a whole £10, these lasted us around 9 months until I could afford to upgrade to brand new leather ones and they are almost as good as when I first got them.  I am so glad I went for the leather as it is the best option now the kids are here and I have lost count of the times that they’ve spilt a drink on them or had an accident and I’ve needed to clean the sofa

Recently I received a lovely delivery from Sofology who wanted to send a nice relaxing gift so I could put my feet up and enjoy a little me time which I certainly don’t get enough of these days, they also sent me a sofa cleaning kit to help me to keep my sofa looking in tip-top condition, now I know it is around 11 years old but being brown leather it has aged really well, there are a few worn areas on the arms but because of the colour these don’t really show up unless you look very closely.

I keep finding Neil trying to help with my work load recently – he has been rather
helpful but I’ve had to ask him to stop replying to my emails.


Now thanks to having cleaner sofa’s that’s another job I needed to do ticked off of my to-do list and it means while working from the comfort of my favourite seat (we all have one of those don’t we in our own house?  Think Sheldon and that’s almost me – no-one sits in my seat!) I no longer have sticky fingerprints over the arms or random marks on the seats.  I was also able to put my feet up and enjoy a nice cuppa in my new mug and pop on my new favourite Netflix series Orphan Black – not something I could do in an office really

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