What happened to the sun?

We are now part way through the summer holidays and the kids are having a blast.
We’ve spent so much time outside – bouncing on the trampoline, fishing in the stream and having fun with friends.
We have been away for a weekend where I completed a skydive for charity.  There have been days out, meals and lots of fun.  We have Lollibops this weekend and are really making our summer days last.
I’ve even ordered the kids a lovely 8ft pool with a solar cover in a bid to stretch out the summer fun and to cool down on the hotter days – that said it should arrive tomorrow and all we have had for the past few days is rain, rain and more rain.
Fun in a friend’s pool
Quite typical really as it is England after all.
I’m seriously hoping that we get a chance to use it before Emmy goes back to School, although kids being kids they will happily go out in the rain I’m sure!
Tonight I put a duvet back onto Emmy’s bed replacing her sheet which she has had for a few weeks now.  For the past few night’s she keeps waking up cold at around 3am – not a time any Mummy wants to be woken that’s for sure, fingers crossed this works otherwise I will need someone to send me vats of coffee and a very very good eye cream along with a nice concealer to hide the damage now taking it’s toll to 2-3 hours sleep a night – failing that a weekend away in a spa????? Anyone???? Damn it!! I thought not.
I’ve also had to dig out a few cardigans and hoodies for the children.  While it’s not cold enough (unless bucking it down) for coats, it’s not quite hot enough for t-shirts and no sleeves at the moment.  This morning we headed off to fly kites in the park, packing up our layers with us instead of sunhats and suncream – someone seems to have forgotten to tell the weather it’s the height of summer currently!
This weather leaves me in a slight dilemma though as I don’t own many thinner layers myself, they are either thick winter cardigans or jumpers.  I guess this means only one thing can be done – shop!
Now I don’t want to do it but the weather is forcing me – it’s calling me into the sales, whispering in the wind and shouting that I have to buy some unisex lambswool jumpers I’ve just seen on sale on the Mens vee neck page – maybe Paul would like to share so I can take advantage of the 2 for £40 25th Birthday offer – I’m sure he would love a cerise one?  Maybe not, Lilac perhaps? OK stop shouting at me Paul you can have a Black one.   These would be perfect for the chilly days where we still want to be outside blowing away the cobwebs and enjoying the summer in between the rain showers.
Have you had lots of rain where you are?  I do hope you haven’t been affected by the flooding. 
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3 thoughts on “What happened to the sun?

  1. I hope thats not our summer gone for good! Got caught in a torrential downpour earlier which was fun, wasn't prepared so I was drenched, the buggy was drenched, the toddler was drenched! Just hope it stays dry for Lollibop on Sunday 🙂

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