What to buy for the dad who has it all?

Our fathers play a unique role which simply can’t be replicated, not just during childhood but throughout our whole lives. From looking after us and providing constant support, to helping with homework and always giving sound advice, our dads provide a special kind of support that often goes by under the radar.

Although gifts are always a popular option, there are many different ways in which kids can show their love and appreciation for their dads and the father figures in their lives.

Why not think outside the box and go for something a little different? Here are a few unique gift ideas to provide that individual twist to show your undying love and appreciation for your dad to celebrate any occasion.

Handmade Gifts

Perfect for younger children, handmade gifts offer a cheap alternative to buying a gift while also being completely unique. Even the smallest handmade present is likely to be treasured for many more years to come – dad is sure to be proud of his kid’s creative gift!

As well as adding a real personal touch to the occasion, there is plenty of scope for greater adaptability and versatility with a handmade present. Whether it is a crafty creation, homemade ornament, piece of artwork or just a handmade card, there is always a place for homemade gifts.

Personalised Presents

Personalised presents offer the next step up from handmade gifts. If your little ones aren’t feeling particularly crafty, choosing something personalised can still replicate those feelings of appreciation and individuality.

The simplest option is to pick a present which can then be engraved with a name or personal message, but there are also plenty of options for unique gifts featuring your photographs, designs and plenty of other customisations!

Designer Jewellery

Jewellery doesn’t have to be just for women! If your dad is a keen fashionista, a carefully-selected accessory or piece of designer jewellery can make the perfect present. If he works in an office or is often out and about at formal events, a pair of eye-catching cufflinks can be a great way to add detail to his suit or outfit.

For those who prefer a more relaxed style, luxury bracelets or a stand-out watch are the way to go.

His Favourites

Every dad has a hobby or a pastime that they enjoy, which they often want to share with their children. If you’re struggling to think up new gift ideas or finding that you’re having to buy for the man who has everything, falling back on presents which relate to his hobbies and interests is always a safe bet. So whether it is fishing, cycling, cars, gardening, music or golf, get yourself online and do some research into the available options. From accessories to help him in his hobby to fun related bits and pieces, he is sure to appreciate the thought behind the present.

Of course, no-one knows your dad quite like you do. For that reason, it is important to make sure that you pick out a gift that not only suits the occasion but suits the pair of you as well. Personalised gifts, whether it is something handmade or a present perfectly tailored to your dad, always make the best rewards and can work wonders when it comes to showing your appreciation and expressing how much you want to thank your father.

Remember, it’s not necessarily about the cost; it’s about the thought and personal message behind the gift.

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