What to buy a three year old?

Woo Hoo – you’ve finally made it out of the terrible twos! Congratulations! I definitely think a medal for us parents is deserved for making it through this period.

Your child’s third birthday is an important milestone for both you and them. You are now headed into a time of much less demanding attitude, but much more specific needs that can now be enunciated – although I do pre-warn you that the ‘Threenager years’ do exist – it’s a period where they know better then you, have an answer to everything and a question to accompany that and an attitude of a hormonal teenager – you thought the terrible two’s were hard enough…..I’m sorry to say this is worse.

I digress though, and it isn’t all bad; so back to birthday’s: If you are pondering what the perfect gift to get your three year old is, pay attention to the cues they are dropping around you. What is their favorite movie to watch? What kinds of toys do they gravitate to? When they go over to a friend’s for a playdate, is there a certain stuffed animal they always rush to, hug, and cling to when it is time to go? Of course there is also that long list of ‘I want’ and ‘can I have’ which comes daily during the TV adverts.

If your child is anything like mine then they are absolutely enamored with a number of movies. Luckily, you can purchase a huge range of toys from the Disney Store. Not that you need to purchase them all, but you do have the opportunity for huge savings right now. With 60% off and free postage a possibility, you will definitely want to look into the items for sale at the Disney Store. It’s way too good of an opportunity to pass up right now – who doesn’t love a good sale!

Your child will be staring up at you on their birthday- well, let’s face it, on pretty much any day – begging you for a toy, any toy. Getting your toddler the perfect gift is one of the most rewarding things one can do. And sure, getting it for their birthday where others can see just how well you know your kid is a nice ego stroke, too.
This works well with Nieces and Nephews too.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for your toddler then I would suggest a closer look into the Disney Store. You’ll get free postage on anything you buy anyway- what more can you ask for? The perfect gift and a shopping trip you don’t even need to strap your screaming angel into a car seat for!
This is usually my go to site when looking for gifts for friends children – everyone loves good Disney movie and they is usually something to suit all budgets:  Emmy loves all the notebooks, tea-sets and dressing up clothes and of course everything Frozen related, while Harry is happiest with anything to do with Lightening McQueen, Toy Story or Mickey Mouse.

Other present ideas for this age group that I would suggest are:

  • A bike with stabilisers – complete with a helmet (add a bell for an added treat but in my opinion steer away from a horn – been there, done that and hated the noise)
  • A scooter – 3 wheels for this age is ideal – again with the added helmet for safety
  • Duplo – a lovely introduction to Lego, perfect for smaller hands
  • Play Doh
  • HappyLand
  • A toy kitchen/till/cooking utensils/food – Always a firm favourite in our household
  • Dolls House
  • Toy Farm
  • Puppets
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