What to Do if Your Child’s Birthday Falls Near Christmas Day?

A Birthday card I received in the past – my Birthday is 21st December

Every parent who has a child
with a birthday near Christmas knows that this can cause some
problems. While many famous people have been born
on Christmas Day
it is a situation that can cause a youngster to feel less than
enthusiastic. They might even feel that having two such special dates
so close together ruins both of them.

For a start, the little one
might be afraid of missing out on one or other of the gifts they
receive for these special days. They might also feel that the
importance of their special day can get lost in the build up to
Christmas. It is a difficult situation for parents to resolve and
even grown up people with a birthday
on these dates

can feel unhappy with their birthday being at this time of year. If
you have a child in this situation then here are some sensible
solutions to make it less of an issue for them in the future.

Give them a second Birthday date

A clever solution some parents opt for is to
give the youngster a second birthday date, away from the festive
period. This can work well as long as they are old enough to
understand the reasons for doing this and won’t get confused by it.
The big plus point from doing this is that they get to enjoy
Christmas and their birthday on two different dates, rather than
feeling that the two just blend into one occasion. It also means that
the adults in the family don’t fall into the trap of giving them
combined gifts for the two different days. By making a clear
distinction between the two it is easier for everyone to remember how
special the child’s birthday is. Of course, you could make the
special birthday day either before the festive dates or after them,
depending upon what works before for the child and for the rest of
the family as well.

Throw a massive party

While the previous point
works well for a lot of youngsters, it isn’t right for all of them.
In fact, some of them like the fact that the closeness of their
birthday to Christmas day makes it a double celebration. In this
case, one of the best things the parents can do is embrace the
concept of a combined birthday and Christmas event. This means giving
them even more attention and a lot of gifts. It can also work out to
be something that makes the month of December more special for
the whole family. If you want to make the party a really special
occasion then you could check out a site like Venue
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to find out which venues would best suit you.

Postpone Christmas

about the idea of postponing Christmas for a few days? This might
seem like a weird idea at first but it could work. This is an
especially useful approach if the young one’s birthday falls slap
bang on the 25th
of December. You could arrange for the family to celebrate the
birthday on that date and then arrange for Christmas to happen in
your house a few days later. If you give it a try one year then it
should be clear whether it is the best move for your family or
whether you are best celebrating Christmas on the same day you have
always done. If the child is old enough to get involved in the
decision making process then you should ask them whether or not they
want to move the date of Christmas or whether one of the other ideas
works out better for them. How special will that make them feel?
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