What was Number 1 when your child was born?

I have been tagged in this very simple meme by Sarah of fluffy dumplings to tell you the song which was number 1 when Emmy was born.

Now it was a song that I actually really liked and actually have on my phone and was at number 1 in the charts for 3 weeks – Owl City “Fireflies”

If you can’t remember it you can watch the video here:

Now as much as I like this song it was never Emmy’s song.  Emmy has her own song which Daddy sung to her in the hospital, at home and we both continue to sing to her when she is upset – it instantly soothes her – Joe Cocker “You are so beautiful”.

I’m now tagging the following people to share their child’s number 1 song:

Nicola of Charlie Monsters Fun House

Liz of Hart of the Munchkin Patch

Dani of Blog By Baby

Tina of Trials & Tribulations of a Brummie Mummy

Faye of Me and My Kiddywinks

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