What we are giving Emmy’s teachers as gifts when she leaves next week

It’s nearly a very sad time in this house, Emmy’s Pre-school days are over next week – where has my baby gone?  Why can’t I stop time?

She has loved Pre-school, she may not attend all of her sessions due to tiredness but it just goes to prove just how much fun she has there.

She talks about her teachers all the time and about her friends, always tells me what she has done and generally raves about it.

So, leaving presents for a teacher?

What do you buy or make?  I wanted to do something nice for them all and something different however this could get expensive as there are 6 of them.  Yesterday while at the Lakeland Chistmas in July Event I had a brainwave after seeing this (I love these as these recipe is written on the back so it can’t be lost)

lakeland cake in a mug
Lakeland Cake in a Mug – with recipe on the back

It made me think back to when we made Nutella Mug cakes and how yummy they were and that’s what we are going to give Emmy’s teachers, I would have loved to have given them these mugs but with 6 to buy it would work out expensive.

Instead I’ve brought 6 white mugs and Emmy has drawn a picture on them with some porcelain pens and we have added a jar of Nutella inside.

Using the Post-it Super Sticky Notes from 3M I’ve kindly been sent I’ve written out the recipe so each teacher can make their own cake.  I’ve wrapped them in tissue paper and then cut a circle shape from some all voile curtains and tied with a ribbon.

I really hope they like them – Emmy has had fun making them.

cake in a mug, nutella mug cake, www.emmysmummy.com

The Post-it Super sticky notes are great as they have stuck really well and I know they will still be attached come Thursday when we give them to Emmy’s teachers, and hopefully they will then stick to their fridges on in a recipe book.

So sticky are these notes that there is a campaign/competition on the facebook page www.facebook.com/PostitUK where you can leave your details which will then be stuck onto a taxi which will be driven around London for all to see.  There are prizes to win too!!

Disclaimer:  I have been sent post-it notes and been compensated for my time for this post, the teachers present idea was my own but I don’t mind if you would like to copy it.

What are you giving your children’s teachers as presents or are you not giving gifts?

10 thoughts on “What we are giving Emmy’s teachers as gifts when she leaves next week

  1. We've made lino cuts and printed them onto bags.I've just blogged about them. I'm also an ex teacher and have kept these special handmade gifts. Your mugs are a great idea.

  2. What a brilliant idea!
    I've been trying to think of things that are different for teacher gifts, as my little man is also leaving pre-school in a couple of weeks – we were thinking of maybe decorating some plant pots, but now reading this I'm not so sure 😉

  3. I love this – as a former teacher can I say all presents were nice and unexpected but there was something extra special about the ones made by the children themselves. I still have some children's key rings and other bits and pieces. These would make excellent xmas presents too – off to find the porcelain pens!!

    1. Thanks. I was trying to think of something different as when I worked in a school at the end of yr I would come home with smellies, wine and chocs every year. Very nice but I would get about 6 of each.

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