What would you buy with £7?

My Nan is in the minority in that she has a lift fitted in her house, infact it sits in the middle of her living room and goes up through the floor to an upstairs bedroom.
This actually isn’t for her but for my disabled Uncle, as my Nan gets older and wobblier she is now able to use the lift to get upstairs which takes the worry off of us a little as she is unsteady on her feet at the best of times – we always tell her she would trip up thin air and she does most days.
If she didn’t have the lift to use as an option we would seriously look into would be a stairlift, and they are actually very reasonable to maintain, they actually cost less to maintain than the lift does.  This infographic shows the stairlift costs to maintain yearly and it is actually not a lot at all.




This made me wonder just what my Nan would spend that amount of money on?
Here were my thoughts:
  • £1 pocket money for all of her great grandchildren = £6
  • A few packs of special biscuits – Nan always has a stash of special biscuits to hand when we pop over, even unannounced
  • Flowers, Nan loves flowers, so much so she even bought herself some on her birthday which was a little daft as we all did the same so she had at least 4 bunches!
  • Bus fair – Nan can’t walk fair and mainly gets lifts from my Dad or Auntie however this would get her into town and back
  • A bottle of her favourite drink – now I’ve no idea what it is but I remember it being green and alcoholic and tasting like medicine
What could you do with £7? 
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