When illness spoils play

Emmy was 2 on 4th Feb this year.  As a parent you spend weeks planning for your child’s birthday’s if not months – I had been buying presents, planning her party and designing her cake since before Christmas.

Then the inevitable happens – the night before her party (2 nights before her birthday) her temperature spiked to 39.2 and she became unwell.  I did what any Mother would do and stayed up all night with her holding her hand, giving her drinks of water, applying a cold compress to her head and sleeping on her floor.

The next day – Party day she was fine, she was bouncing around in the morning so Daddy took her out to get her birthday balloons while I frantically tidied up, got the party toys out and cooked all of the food, when they got back – 10 minutes before her friends arrived Daddy said she was tired, I thought I’m not surprised as she was awake lots but didn’t think too much of it as her friend’s started to arrive.  9 friends in total, 6 2 year olds, twin 1 yr olds and and 8 month old.

They all arrived and had lunch, cakes, crisps, juice – all in all a typical 2 year olds buffet then set about trashing my house – this is said in a nice way, nothing was broken however there was NO toy left in a box, cupboard, shelf or even in the same room it started in.  Happy Land met Duplo for a ride down the slide in my hallway.  It was chaos but organised chaos and great fun.

Emmy however after lunch clung to me, whimpered, cried, cuddled and then fell fast asleep on my lap mid party – all her friends running around screaming around her and her burning up fast asleep, my poorly baby.

When her friends left we cuddled all afternoon, plying medicine into her ever 2 hours to relieve her fever, and had a night to match the night before, waking up on her birthday feeling really poorly – just wanting to cuddle and not even open her presents.

She was poorly like this for over 2 weeks, not eating, only wanting mummy, sleeping loads and only watching Peppa Pig over  and over again – by the end of the illness I was ready to throw her Peppa DVD’s in the bin but slowly she recovered and got back to her normal self taking a full 2 weeks to get there.  My baby had the Flu all over her birthday, poor little love.

She is full of beans now and enjoying all her presents finally – and back to not sleeping in the day again 🙁

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