When is a Changing Bag not a Changing Bag?

The simple answer to that is “When it is a Grace Tote from Pink Lining
This changing bag is a luxury high end bag made from leather in a Midnight Blue colour embossed with the much loved and well known bow design.
From the outside you wouldn’t know it was a changing bag and that’s the whole idea – this bag grows with you. 
It is big enough to hold all your baby items, big enough for the change of clothes which come with toddlerhood and potty training and then is also a great size to be used as a work bag or even an overnight bag.
Inside you will find the beautiful pink lining as the name suggests and pockets for every occasion and item.
Inside this bag you will find on one side:
  • A large zipped pocket for you smaller items and valuable’s
  • 2 smaller pockets which are named with leather labels for Glasses and Mobile
  • A leather lipstick compartment (again labelled)
  • A pen holder
  • A key-ring clip 
On the other side you will find :
  • 2 large compartments for nappies and wipes etc.
  • An elasticated key holder – ideal for clipping your keys onto to save rooting around the bottom of your bag and elasticated for ease
The is also a detachable insulated bottle holder, mirror, changing mat and wet bag.
On the back of the back is another zipped pocket.
This back holds a LOT – I am not one for travelling light and it manages to cope well with extra space which is always handy.
Currently in the Grace Tote I am carrying:
  • 3 Nappies
  • wipes
  • A change of clothes for Harry
  • 2 hats and 2 pairs of gloves
  • 2 drinks bottles
  • A first aid kit
  • My new Camera
  • Purse
  • Body Spray
  • 3 wind up toys – as you do!
  • 2 trains – I’m a Mum to a Toddler so needs no explanation
  • Medicine syringe (no idea when that was put in there but rather handy)
  • Phone
  • Portable phone charger
  • Colouring book and crayons
And there possibly is still room for the kitchen sink at a push!
It can be worn over the shoulder using the large adjustable blue and white stripes shoulder strap, carried with the carry handle or the carry handles are actually padded enough to wear those over your shoulder instead – it’s entirely up to you.  I find most of the time I have it attached to a buggy!
It fit’s rather well on the Stokke Xplory too!
The Grace Tote is a changing bag however it doesn’t look out of place being used as a handbag – Infact I did just that when I went to Blog Fest recently, this was my handbag and no one mentioned it other than the it’s lovely comments, it really doesn’t look out of place.
It was also big enough to carry my overnight essentials in – pyjamas, toiletries, hair straighter, chocolate, trashy magazines and Gin in a tin!  Yes I had a hotel room to myself and I know how to travel in style.
I just love this bag and it is the only one I now use, and because it is made from leather it can be wiped down so stays looking nice and shiny for longer.
Disclaimer:  We received this bag in exchange for an honest review.


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28 thoughts on “When is a Changing Bag not a Changing Bag?

  1. I have three children and this baby was the first time I got a proper changing bag – what a difference a great bag makes to your life! I love the look of this one, it's very spacious too.

  2. What a great bag – so much more appealing than your average changing bag! I love how grown up it looks.
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested this week and a very Happy New Year to you x

  3. Love love love. It's gorgeous and practical, and I would happilt use it as a changing bag or a handbag. Well done Pink Lining! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  4. What a great look. It's the kind of bag I'd use to carry a spare pair of clothes from my Little Mister (although out of nappies I still need a change of clothes!) and all the other things that little ones need. It's a lovely enough bag to be carried around with style!
    Popping over from #TriedAndTested

  5. Wow this looks very nifty with all it's pockets and it's totally stylish too! Nice to have all your essentials in. x

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