Where do you blog? meme

I have been tagged by the lovely Blog by Baby to share with you in this meme titled “where do you blog?”

I try to save my blogging for the evenings when Emmy is in bed as she has a bad habit of grabbing the laptop and pressing buttons changing things I have no idea how to change back.

Here is where I spend my evenings:

Sat on the end of the sofa, cushion and laptop on my crossed legs with a glass usually wine but sometimes water next to me on Emmy’s Toy Box.  Paul at the other end and Barney at my feet (you can see him in his usual spot in the picture).
If I blog in the day I take the laptop into the kitchen and use at the kitchen counter while standing up, as if I pull up a chair Emmy climbs straight up and types away!
I am now tagging the following to join in with this meme:

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