Where has my baby gone?

We have recently been spending a lot of time with the family, we are actually a very close family as it is but with recent sad events we have become even closer and seen each other almost daily.  It was at this time that the children actually spent a few days away from us for the first time, they went to stay with their Godmother (my best friend) and her husband for 3 days and this was the longest I haven’t seen them for.

They were so well behaved, they knew what was going on and knew Mummy and Daddy were needed elsewhere.  They had so much fun playing with their God-cousins and their Godmum, snuggled up in the evenings with Mark and Emmy found a new love of Maltesers and joined the Maltesers club with Uncle Mark.

Before this the children hadn’t slept away from home, Emmy had tried twice and on both occasions needed picking up or bringing home.  They didn’t have this option but they seemed more than happy, of course as with at home there was a lot of bed hopping going on.  It’s a regular occurrence for Emmy and Harry is generally very good, or should I say was!

Now we are home and trying to regain a little normality for the children they both seem unsettled in their sleeps.  It’s to be expected really as it is hard for them to understand what’s happened, losing their Nanny is hard, lets face it, as adults we are still struggling to process and come to terms with it so it’s completely understandable that the children are unsettled too.

What I’ve noticed is that Harry seems to have all of a sudden begun to outgrown his Toddler bed, now this maybe that he slept in a double bed for his time away, often having the big bed to himself or maybe he is just liking the comfort of cuddles, either way it’s time to start thinking that my baby has disappeared, my toddler too and I definitely now have a pre-schooler.

It’s time to start re-thinking his bedroom around beginning the re-shuffle to get a big boys bed for him.

The problem I currently have is that his is the small box room, it can fit in a single sized bed but not much else, thankfully it has been shelved out perfectly by Paul’s uncle, this was done for Paul’s brother when this was his parents house. 

I’ve been searching around for boys bedroom ideas as I’m unsure whether to go for a standard single bed or to measure up to see if a midi or cabin bed would fit so there are more storage options.

I’m not sure I’m ready for my baby to grow up and moving him from a toddler bed seems like a big step to me however as he keeps waking up and hitting his head on the side of his current bed it seems a logical step.

I’m hoping to keep with his current pirate theme so if anyone has seen any pirate beds, boat beds or anything in-keeping with a nautical theme I would love to see it please, as although I love his Thomas the Tank Engine bed it just doesn’t fit into the rooms theme – and of course this will save me having to redecorate the whole room!

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