Where will your next page turning adventure take you? 

Well we are now into the Summer holidays and I am still in the enthusiastic stage of loving the alarm not going off at 6.30am daily and enjoying having the kids at home.

Of course roll on a few weeks and this will change when they no long like each other (actually I give this until tonight or tomorrow when one of them wants a toy the other has), that’s the thing about young kids they have a love hate relationship ALL the time, mine wake up loving each other and wanting “morning cuddles” with each other then 20 minutes later they are trying to knock each other out in a boxing type battle with no holds barred where they resemble action figures with those buttons on the back which make they circle their arms madly around.

We’ve actually had lots of fun for these first few days of the holidays.  We’ve been to the park, walked into town and fed the ducks, built dens, played in the garden, picked blackberries, made fruit crumbles, cooked, baked, done lots of arts and crafts and even sewed a rag doll.

With 2 holidays booked up for this summer I am keen not to spent lots of money entertaining the children by going out all the time.

They own enough toys to rival a small toy store, enough arts and crafts equipment to keep Blue Peter presenters happy for well over a year and enough books that another adventure is only a page turn away!

I truly believe that it does children no harm to be bored every now and again and that with a book to hand they shouldn’t ever be bored as the pages are filled with fun and adventure.

Where will your next page turning adventure take you? We are off to spend some time in Giant country with the BFG then later today we may head to Neverland for fun and games with Peter Pan.

This is our moto for the summer holidays and the sign I would love to hang in our house.

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