Where to Get a Kids Go Kart for Under 100 Dollars

Has your kid expressed their interest in Go Karts? Does it sound like renting one at the track just isn’t cutting it anymore? It may be time for them to get their very own Go Kart just for them.

Go Karts for kids can be expensive, especially if you care about quality. There’s only so much you’re willing to spend for something they’ll ultimately grow out of down the line.

Looking for a children’s Go Kart for under 100 dollars? Challenge accepted.

We’ve researched the web, and we’ve found your options. Here is a list of the places you can go to get a kids Go Kart for under 100 dollars.


When you think of Groupon, you usually think of services like restaurant discounts or hotel deals. The truth is, they have deals on all sorts of things if you look.

Sure there are plenty of discounted Go Kart Racing places where you can pay a smaller price for a race session, but they also have deals on actual Go Karts. Check out Groupon for deals on Go Karts and you’ll find major savings.

For example, we found this Lil’ Rider Black Stealth Pedal Powered Go Kart on Groupon for only $91.99.

So, it’s time to head over and explore Go Karts without having to spend over 100 bucks (yes, there are coupons for Groupon – check for codes here and here).

Try your luck at an online auction site

Auction sites might be the best way to go if you’re looking for deals on Go Karts. Someone with the username “hach” just scored big on this Go Kart on DealDash (promo codes here and here) for only $62.32!

DealDash is a great place to save on tons of other kids items, too

This Buy it Now Go Kart option on eBay is just under 100 dollars.

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