Who needs to jump on a plane for beautiful scenery


Summer is here finally and it’s been lovely to get outside as often as we can – I love seeing the children outside and having fun.  Now you don’t have to jump onto a plane and jet away to find beautiful scenery, infact Parkdean are so proud of our British landscape we call home that they put together a quiz which we shared with you recently.
In that quiz you were shown 2 pictured and needed to guess which picture taken in the UK,  sounds easy doesn’t it?
Wrong, I tried it and it was very hard – infact now the result are out I realise I had actually been to a few of the places myself and I still got them wrong.  Just see for yourself and take the Parkdean quiz.
This is one I got wrong – I was convinced this was abroad!  It really is amazing how beautiful our country is and how we tend to miss this most of the time.  Just look at how clean and peaceful it is in this picture, it’s hard to imagine its only a few hours drive from my house.
I wasn’t the only one though – 3 in 5 people taking this quiz also thought this stunning beach was abroad.
1 in 3 people also couldn’t tell that this picture was taken in the UK – it is infact taken in Scotland.  Just look at that beautiful landscape.  Stunning isn’t it? 
We have been to some beautiful locations in the UK.  Cornwall is my personal favourite
This is taken on our holiday to Coombemill in Cornwall, a beautiful farm set in picturesque countryside.  Here we our in  the grounds deer spotting.
These are taken in the Lake district where Paul and I holidayed before getting married and long before the children.  Beautiful isn’t it?  We spent a week here hiking with our dog Barney and exploring the great outdoors – on one day we even hiked for 11 miles, OK it wasn’t intentional as we got lost but it was a great holiday.
Every time I start longing for a holiday I look back on these pictures and it reminds me that I actually don’t need to travel too far to find some beautiful places not too far from our doorstep.
Do you have a favourite UK holiday destination? 
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