Whoops I did it again….

Oh dear, it’s happened again, I meant to do it, it wasn’t a mistake and Yes it really is needed!!

I hit the bid now button on eBay yet again and this time I’ve got yet another Buggy.

Yes you read that right and yes there are currently 3 buggies in my house at this very moment and they are not going anywhere.

Paul did say if another Buggy entered this house he would kill me – however I’m still alive and he does know.

So to join the gang of along with our Quinny Yezz, Cosatto Giggle and Cossato Yo will be a school run Buggy.

This is what is coming to play.  It’s not in the best condition however for a whole £58 posted I am not complaining – it will be for school runs only.

They are heavy, this I know and will be even heavier with Emmy and Harry in however it will save my poor back from carrying one of them the whole way and Emmy will soon be able to walk there and back – just not yet and definitely not after a whole afternoon at Pre-school or even a whole day which she will be doing once a week after Easter.

Now the question is….Is 4 buggies even enough?

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