Why I want to be an Organ Donor #Spellitout

National Transplant week is coming up – 7th-13th July.  The focus of this campaign is to not only sign people up to the Organ Donor list but to help make your family aware of your wishes.

A few bloggers have been making a trail across the web – spelling out exactly why
We’ve been given a letter each and if you follow the hashtag over the course of this week you will find all of our posts and read about why Organ Donation is important to us.

My letter is T.

T Talk

Talk to your family about your wishes

My reasons to be Thankful

Did you know that:
  • Only 45% of families will agree to a donation if they were unaware of their loved ones wishes
  • This rises to 95% when the families are aware of the decision to be a donor
This is why it is VERY important to make your wishes known, make sure your family know what your plans are.

T – Teach

Why not set an example to others who may not have even considered Organ Donation yet?  That’s not to say you have to force it upon them but by being open and honest about your wishes it may make them think ahead to their futures and start thinking about there plans.

As part of this campaign we are asking you to #spellitout – use this hashtag to make your wishes known, any way you can think of – add a picture to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Text it to family, email it to loved ones – whatever way you want to but please Spell It Out – Let them know!
When I started driving and first filled in my licence forms I automatically ticked the box for organ donation, I didn’t even think about it – instinct took over inside my head and I knew that if anything happened to me that I wanted to help others.
Now I’m a Mother it is something I think about more and more.
What if they were ill? I would do everything in my power to make them better, if that meant donating my organs then I definitely would in a heart beat (excuse the pun).
But what if I couldn’t help them?
Then of course I would hope someone else could.  Why is exactly why there is an Organ Donation register.
You can follow @NHSorganDonor on Twitter or follow #Spellitout, Support then on Facebook at www.facebook.com/organdonationuk and you can sign up at transplantweek.co.uk
I’m tagging Claire Wacey www.clairewacey.com to tell you why she would like to donate.
Are you on the donor list? Have you told your family your wishes?




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2 thoughts on “Why I want to be an Organ Donor #Spellitout

  1. I am and my fella are….
    When my girls were in hospital having heart surgery I met quite a few families who's children were waiting for heart transplants…One child on the waiting list ran out of time and I signed up then….

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