​Why you shouldn’t leave your child’s tablet charging on their bed

Electrical safety advice

It’s no secret that children are becoming increasingly tech-savvy these days. There’s a lot of discussion about how much children should use electronic devices, but as long as the amount of time they spend on them is limited, there shouldn’t be a problem, right?
That’s not always the case. By allowing children to use these devices we are in fact (unknowingly) leaving our children open to serious dangers. This campaign from the charity Electrical Safety First, highlights an important message.

We use these type of gadgets so much in our everyday lives, that interacting with them has become second nature. But, it’s so important we reassess how we should be using these devices.

If you leave phones or tablets charging on your child’s bed, or you use an unbranded charger, your child’s life could be at risk.

Electrical Safety First are a UK registered charity urging parents and carers to follow this important advice:

• Don’t leave tablets/phones charging on your bed

• Don’t use a cheap, unbranded phone charger

• Don’t sleep with your phone underneath your pillow

Please share this important message with your loved ones too – every share could help save a life!

“Posted in collaboration with Electrical Safety First”

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