Why the Cambridge Program is Beneficial to Our Kids’ Learning

One of the advantages of sending kids to international schools during their primary and secondary years is the holistic education they get before they start university. Not only are they going to be challenged academically by going through countless tests and projects, but they will also get involved in extracurricular work that will teach them leadership, humility, followership, and collaboration.

Obviously, this makes the education landscape a bit rigorous. But the great thing about schools like this is they would gradually introduce them to the curriculum and help them improve their skills at their own pace rather than pressure and push them hard. And one of the ways they do this is through the Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE). Let us explore why the IGCSE program can benefit your kids’ learning.

The Cambridge Certificate of Secondary Education in a Nutshell

This program aims to support a student’s propensity to be inquisitive and help them develop a passion for learning. This exam is recognized by leading universities worldwide and can help your kids get into the university of their choice.

Today, having an open and analytical mind has become more important than ever. Our kids should grow up capable of looking at different perspectives and understanding experiences coming from people with a diverse background. International schools already provide students with a multicultural learning landscape, and it is further supported by the goals of the IGCSE program, which are:

  • To listen and understand the ideas of other people
  • To be confident in formulating their own ideas and sharing them
  • To be respectful of others and be conscious of their own actions
  • To create their own learning strategy
  • To be prepared to solve problems through creative innovation
  • To be socially responsible people who will choose to engage others through intellectual discourse

Through these goals, the IGCSE program and the school would like to produce students who will staunchly advocate values and ideals that will improve the world for the better.

The opportunities that come with the Cambridge IGCSE qualification

The benefit of the IGCSE program is not just entry to the world’s leading universities but it is also recognized by some of the world’s biggest organizations and companies. Other than being able to boast passing a Cambridge standardized exam, but the certification means your kids have shown competency in school and it’s programs. This is an advantage that will help them transition from the secondary school environment to a university landscape.

Remember that the program does not only quantify their mastery of the subjects. However, it aims to develop empathetic students too- true to the goal of providing holistic education. Your kids will definitely grow up ready to face the challenges of university life and develop a desire to help society at large.


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